Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Old Stuff

Most of this is probably old news for most of you but since I've been gone since the wee hours of Wednesday I'm finally getting around to discussing some updates about the LA Kings.

Most importantly, the Kings signed Lubi to a 5-year extension, which will pay him $5.65 million per season beginning with the '08-'09 season. According to the
LA Times article Lubi was quoted as saying:

"I'm very happy to get this done because it gives me a chance to focus on the new season. I'm also very happy to be staying in L.A…. The Kings gave me my first chance and it's the team I want to stay with."

From the moment the season ended DL talked about signing Lubi to an extension, which I was cautious to believe. I'm very glad that those words were true and not just garble he spewed out to shut the media up. Lubi is a key player on the Kings' defensive corps and it will be great for the team to keep a player like Lubi. Especially with a young crop of budding stars in the farm system Lubi will not only be a huge offensive and defensive factor on the ice, but also will become one of the leaders of the team in the next couple of seasons. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him wearing the 'A' in the near future, especially with Matty and Aaron Miller gone and Blake edging near retirement.

As for a newbie, apparently the Kings signed forward Scott Parse to a two-year entry-level contract. His name sounds vaguely familiar and I'm pretty sure that I've wrote about him before because I get a lot of hits from searches involving "Scott Parse" and something about signing with the LA Kings. So for all of you Scott Parse groupies, there was your news.

The regular season schedule was announced. Who knows what my schedule will be like this upcoming season but the only game I really want to attend is the Home Opener, Saturday Oct. 6th v. STL, because they're so much fun with the fans going crazy about the new season. Last season's home opener was also on a Saturday against the Blues. We won that game; can we make it two in a row?

I'm disappointed with the Eastern Conference teams that will be visiting. I would have liked to see the Buffalo team from last season, but now I'm not so sure. Although, I think Buffalo will still be a decent team so maybe it'll be worth it. The Leafs and Islanders are coming to town and I really don't care to see either in person. The Senators and Canadiens will make it to SoCal in March and either could be a fun game to watch. Last year I wanted to attend at least one game per month and only wanted to see weekend games. If I hold myself to the same rules, here are the games I foresee myself attending:

  • Oct 6th v. STL: Home Opener!
  • Nov 3, 10, or 17 v. Sharks, Stars, or Coyotes, respectively. (I refuse to attend a Kings/Ducks game. I think I would cry if they lost and I don't like crying)
  • Dec 1 or 26 v. Avs or Sharks: Last year I took the 26th off and my family went to the game that night. It could be an annual tradition!
  • Jan 5 v. Flames
  • Feb 23 v. Blackhawks: Maybe I won't go to any games in February...
  • March 8 v. Canadiens
  • With only three games in April I may attend none or a playoff game if the Kings clinch a spot
When you get drafted by an NHL team what do you expect to hear from one of your closest friends who was drafted a year earlier by the same team? You'd be correct if you guessed:

"Why Can't I Quit You??"

After being drafted by the Kings in last month's draft, Alec Martinez received a text message (we're so digital these days!) from Jeff Zatkoff, his teammate and roommate from Miami University, who was selected by the Kings in the 2006 Draft. He texted Alec:

"I can't get away from you, can I?"

So it wasn't word for word what you had guessed, but c'mon, we all know what he was saying...


Earl Sleek said...

(I refuse to attend a Kings/Ducks game. I think I would cry if they lost and I don't like crying)

I'd point out L.A.'s rather even record against the Ducks last year, but if there's that much risk in crying, I guess it's still a dangerous gamble.

Of course, I won't admit to crying; just drinking.

KMS2 said...

Yeah, we actually did pretty well against the Ducks last season.

And drinking my sorrows away is much easier (and cheaper) to do at home than at the game.

Bitchany said...

Oh come on you don't wanna see the defending Stanley Cup Champs?

KMS2 said...

Only if I can vomit all over them

Earl Sleek said...

So you're not coming to the yet-to-be-planned probably-not-happening BoC blogger invitational, then?

KMS2 said...

I guess I'll go...