Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1 new, 1 old

I don't think Souray is heading to LA, or at least not to play in a Kings jersey. Before free agency began I was hoping that DL would bring in Souray. After today, I'm perfectly content with what we have. In fact, I'm more than content; I'm very excited and anxious for the season to start. Instead of probably overpaying for one defenseman who provides a lot of offense but also happens to be a defensive liability, we paid a decent amount for two defenseman without having to sign either of them to a lifetime contract. In today's LA Times article DL was quoted as saying "I'm not prepared to build this and put eight-year contracts out there, that gets risky. When you see what happens to a lot of NBA teams that went that route, it's dangerous." Sure, you may say that locking up Thornton or Vinny isn't a bad idea, but I do think that there are some players (*cough* DiPietro, Jagr, Gomez *cough*) who have long-term contracts that could possibly not end well.

Today brought a new guy,
Brad Stuart, and a returnee, Jason LaBarbera, to the Kings. Like Calder, Brad Stuart didn't have a great season last year. The Kings signed him to only a one-year contract worth $3.5 million. Is he worth that much? I honestly don't know because I don't know much about him other than what I can read from the myriad of sports profiles. Matt over at Life in Hockeywood noted that DL is probably letting Stuart and Nagy (who is also signed on to a one-year contract) know that they have something to prove. I think it's probably similar to what he did with Cammalleri last off-season, during which a one-year contract was agreed upon. Despite the organization having a horredous season, Cammalleri played like he had a fire lit under his arse the entire season. He's an incredibly hard working player and work ethic paid off with an amazing career record-breaking season. I sure hope that Stuart and Nagy get it done this upcoming season like Cammalleri did this past season.

I'm not surprised that LaBarbera was re-signed and Garon was signed with another organization, the Oilers. Like
I wrote back in June, "I also think that LaBarbera’s success at Manchester will garner him the other goalie spot. Which leads me to…Sayonara Mathieu Garon. He’s been good at times but never consistent enough to lead the Kings." While I would love Cloutier to be replaced by Lundqvist or Emery, I realize that signing either of them is a long shot. As long as LaBarbera doesn't have another family emergency he has the potential to prove a lot of critics wrong. And with a defensive corps consisting of Blake, Lubi, JMFJ (he has no other name), Stuart, and Preissing...he better not let the team down with a plethora of soft goals as Cloutier did last season.

How many more days till the season starts??


Tracy said...

Ok, Ok, you caught me. I don't hate the Kings (except when they play us) and I don't hate Nagy. I actually think he'll do quite well for you guys and get back to, if not quite full, quite good form. That way we can sit back in our seats at the JOB and think, man, I hate my life right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Stuart at 3.5 I think is the right price, the trick is to get him tied up longer at a number not a lot higher than that.

KMS2 said...

T: I hope Nagy does well. Last season I went to a Kings v. Phoenix game and Nagy kept falling down! There must have been something wrong with his skates but it made him look like a complete idiot.

Anon: Thanks for the input. Good to hear that you think we paid the right price. It'll be interesting to see if DL hands out extensions during the season if the new guys do well.