Wednesday, July 11, 2007

To Keep You Occupied

Since I won't be able to post till Sunday or Monday, here's a list of sites that are worth at least a daily visit (if not hourly) just in case you haven't already seen them:

  • B*tchany usually posts daily about her Blue Jackets. If you want to learn more about the BJs (oooooh, that didn't sound good!) look for the "Meet My Player" posts. My personal favorite is the one about the lovely, dreamy Rick Nash

  • Along with news about the Caps, Shmee shares her dislike for little Sidbits.

  • HLOG almost always has a new daily post from one of its members. Margee recently paired up some players with supermodels and gave us insight into how their relationships play out

  • Pookie and Schnookie over at IPB are currently providing reasons why they like hockey. Check out the mind-blowing comments thread. Step away from your computer for 30 minutes and you'll be 50 comments behind. Good luck keeping up but definitely check it out!

  • The always insightful Sherry over at Scarlett Ice keeps close tabs on the Sens and lives and breathes the team

  • Jordi is slowly but surely convincing every female hockey fan to become a fan of Komisarek. Just take a look at his picture and you'll understand

  • The always amusing Margee with her biting sarcasm and offensive (but good natured) remarks provides us with hockey news, baseball news, and all-around sports squee news. Caution: do not drink or eat anything while reading her blog due to the potential of blowing liquids out of your nose or choking on your food because of the hilarity of her posts.

Overall, any HLOGer's blog will successfully provide hours of amusement. If you feel like being entertained by non-hockey news, might I suggest the following:

  • Hate (most) celebrities? So does The Superficial

  • Stuff on My Cat because let's face it, stuff on cats is hilarious.

  • Don't like cats? Then check out its sister site, Stuff on My Mutt

  • Don't be that one coworker who says, "What's Wikipedia?" You'll either sound old or completely out of the loop.

  • Kevin and Bean is a hilarious radio morning show. Check out the "Sounds" (the link is in the left column) for some great clips

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Isleschick said...

Stuff on my cat is one of my favorites!