Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kings Crew

So far, it does not appear that the LA Kings will have Ice Girls. Thank God! Instead, the Kings will continue to have a Kings Crew. The Kings Crew appears to be comprised of a coed group of 20-somethings that run around the aisles of Staples Center in attempt to pump up the crowd. They also run the intermission on-ice activities, such as sumo wrestling and bubble (or, rather what resembles a hamster wheel) races.

On Saturday August 18th, at 10am, open auditions will be held for the '07-'08 Kings Crew. There is a
flyer announcement but not much additional information is provided. If you want more information or need to RSVP you can send an email to the address that is provided on the flyer. I remember last year seeing more information about the Kings Crew, but can't quite recall any specifics.

While I think it would be a fun experience to be part of the Kings Crew, I think I would only enjoy it for about one period before I realize that the Kings are losing 3-nil and no, I do not feel like jumping up and down in a feeble attempt to rejuvenate the crowd. And if the Kings were winning, I would not want to be preoccupied with making sure I'm placed at the correct aisle to shoot off t-shirts and what not. I also don't think I have enough energy to work 9 hours, suffer while driving through 2 hours of traffic, watch 3 hours of a hockey game (and being forced to be on my feet for a certain amount of time) and then get less than 5 hours of sleep before I get to trek off to work the next morning. Maybe if I was still in college (in the LA area) or I worked closer to Staples Center I would audition for the Kings crew. But alas, I am now a 25-year old who would probably feel too old being a part of the Kings Crew. I'll take my seat in Staples Center and cheer whenever the hell I feel like it.


Isleschick said...

Coed? I'm Jealous!

KMS2 said...

Coed and they wear Kings jerseys and jeans. None of that skimpy whore-ish shit. Maybe the Kings organization knows that there's no way any group of ice girls would be able to compete with the Laker girls.