Monday, July 9, 2007

Twinsies 5.0

Was that Billy Guerin in The Wire? Was that Dominic West being named captain of the New York Islanders? Am I seeing double?


Shmee said...

Can I just say that both are hottt. I was going to make some dirty jokes about being my captain, but I am restraining myself.

Craig said...

What do you think about the Penguins this offseason? Have they been crying wolf about not having any money to try to get a new stadium paid for by the public, or are they spending every nickel now to make their team more attractive? Is Crosby's deal one that you would make?

KMS2 said...

shmee: Do make the dirty joke! Dirty jokes are always welcome!!

Craig: I think the Penguins have done a decent job with free agency signings. Crosby has definitely shown that he's worth top dollar but then again you never know what the cap will be like several years down the road. I think 5 years is definitely smarter than 8, but I guess you'll never really know till those years have come and gone. I don't know much about arena deals around the league. I don't know if the team organization deals with the cost or if the owners do or if some other entity handles it so I can't really say much on that.