Saturday, June 30, 2007

THN's Opinion

B*tchany recently posted about UFA's that The Hockey News recommended for the Blue Jackets. I figured I'd take a look to see what they said about the Kings.

Got ‘em: Pittsburgh aside, arguably the best collection of young talent in the game

Need ‘em: veteran infusion at forward and defense, as well as in goal

Potential Free Agent Targets: Sheldon Souray (MTL), Chris Drury (BUF), Curtis Joseph (PHX), Eric Lindros (DAL)

My response to THN's opinion:
Got 'em: Thank you for noticing our fine collection of young boys. Hopefully they'll turn out to become a fine collection of NHL stars.

Need 'em: I agree that we need a veteran presence at forward, defense, and goal.

Need 'em: Yes, Yes, NO!!!, NO!!! I do believe that Souray and Drury would make great additions to our club. But Cujo?! Please, we're already dealing with Cloutier (although I do realize that Cujo would be a slight improvement over Cloots). And Lindros?! He's one more concussion away from retirement. I don't want to go anywhere near that train wreck and I highly doubt that DL would either.

I'm really excited for tomorrow's free agency frenzy. I thought about doing a live blog but realized I have a lot of trouble waking up before noon on the weekends. I'll probably end up doing a late night wrap up of my wonderful thoughts on DL's move(s).


Bitchany said...

I really hope you don't get Souray..not because I want him but because he needs to change his position to a forward...he is a bad defenseman.

Craig said...

Briere baby!!

Craig said...

HOLY CRAP! I'm reading the NHL insider section of ESPN the mag and in the bottom corner it stats the following Nelsen Ratings for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup:

House of Payne on TBS: 3.8 million
Delstilando Amor on Uni: 2.8 mil
Game 5: 2.0 million.

Something must be done to fix that...

KMS2 said...

B: Souray reminds me of Corvo but probably only because both are D that provide a good amount of offense. I think we could use that, but I'd be happy with Hamrlik too.

Craig: you suck. And I care about NHL TV ratings about as much as I care about minor league baseball. (You caught me on a bad day.)

Bitchany said...

Apparently you guys are getting Preissing...thats who I wanted!!