Thursday, January 10, 2008

44 Games into the Season

The Red Wings and the Kings have both played 44 games.

Red Wings have 69 points.

Kings have 32 points.

Wednesday's LA Times article about the Kings/Nashville game had an eye-popping quote by Marc Crawford:

"This is the first game in months where we played poorly."

Coffee almost flew out of my nose when I read that quote. He must be taking Britney's crazy pills. Rudy Kelly has a great response to Crow's asinine comment as well as three solid reasons for why Crow needs to be fired.

The Schmucks shut out Toronto on Wednesday so that means we'll lose tonight since this season I don't think we've beaten a team that lost the previous night to the Ducks.


CKim said...

You know, he probably DID mean for the whole 60 minutes. haha, whatever.

I don't think we've beaten a team that lost the previous night to the Ducks.

I don't know how often it's happened in the first half of the season, but it's definitely already happened twice in the past week. And depending on the outcome tonight, it might become 3 times in a week.

KMS2 said...

I tried going through and tallying the scores of games where the Ducks and Kings played the same team within a span of two or three days...but then I got too tired and quit. But through November the pattern was that whenever a team played the Ducks first and lost, then we would lose.

or it could be happening because we suck...just a thought.

CKim said...

haha oh man, you know... I'm getting tired of being tired of them looking tired and lost. So guys, let's do better, ok?