Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Five Focus

I almost forgot about my FFF:
  1. The trade rumors are driving me nuts. Why do players tell the media that they'll waive a no-trade clause? Do they want their current teammates and fans to hate them?

  2. How many goals will Kopitar have in the All-Star game? I don't expect him to net a hat-trick but I am looking forward to watching him play with an All-Star cast. Not that his Kings teammates suck, but I'm sure he'll look amazing playing alongside the best of the league.

  3. How many more games will Cammalleri miss? I can't believe he's been out this long. And I bet when he returns it'll take him at least a couple weeks to get back in his groove.

  4. My brother is too much of a snob to purchase season tickets in the 300 level. He's really my only hope of getting season tickets for next season. I guess I could get them in a lower level, but then I would eat ramen every night...and not the good ramen, but Top Ramen. Or, I suppose I could split season tix with a friend of a friend but I think it would be easier if the sharing was kept in the family. If only the Kings let fans customize their smaller packages...

  5. I cannot wait till Thursday, January 31st!! And if you don't know what I'm talking about then we can't be friends. Who are the people coming to the island? If they're not there to save the Losties then what are they doing there and how did they find the island? How does Locke know they shouldn't leave the island? When will Michael and Walt come back? How many main characters will die this season and who will die?? Who in the world is Jacob?? So many questions!!!!


Kirsten said...

The real question is, where did Dirty, Sexy, Money go?

Tell your brother that you guys can go in for tickets in the lower level if he agrees to feed you for the next year, something better than Top Ramen.

KMS2 said...

Oh, I LOVE that show!!! and where's The Office, 30 Rock, Heroes, and Grey's Anatomy! At least there are still a couple more episodes of House.

Maybe he'll pay my rent too!

elise said...

I'm pretty sure my sister managed to re-watch the first season of Lost in the span of two days last week.

And I have to give the Kings props for their "Vote for the All-Star game" commercials. It was pretty quality.

Kirsten said...

I KNOW! Stupid writer's strike. I want my shows back! It's how I keep from being too productive in a week.

You should ask him and see what he says.

KMS2 said...

elise: I first started watching Lost on DVD and was so hooked after the first disc of Season 1 that I bought the DVD rather than rent the remaining discs. That show is so unbelievably good.

Glad you liked the Kings All-Star commercials. Did the Wild do any? I'm unaware of any other teams doing them.

Kirsten: at least there's still hockey to watch.

elise said...

Sadly, no, I do not think the Wild did any clever All-Star game commercials, which is disappointing. We do have the antics of Ryder Rolston, however, Brian Rolston's son, who makes the greatest comments ever. Examples being after Gabby's 5 goal game Ryder teased him for not getting 6 and called him a sieve (which he learned from the crowd, apparently)

Kirsten said...

This is true. The next hockey I get to watch is the Ducks. Hopefully we can take a page out of your book and kick some Duck ass.

PS, did you see Pronger fall? It's on YouTube.