Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Story

I normally don't like telling ultra personal stories but I really have to share this one that I think most female hockey fans will enjoy:

Tonight my fiance (P) and I were driving in the car and a 'Real Men of Genius' ad came on the radio, the "Mr. Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy". After it was over P said, "You know...instead of paying for a wedding we could go to a Justice of the Peace and use the money to buy Kings season tickets for the next 5 years." There was complete silence for about 5 seconds as I sat there comprehending the most amazing idea that has ever come out of his mouth. I finally sputtered out, "Well, um, yeah!!!" Of course, he said, "Sweetie, I was just kidding!" But then I reminded him, "Um, no you're not. That's a brilliant idea!" And then we dreamed for the next ten minutes trying to figure out where we would get season tickets and for how many seasons instead of paying for a decent-sized, fairly nice wedding.

Then he came up with the second most brilliant idea which was, "How about instead of a formal gift registry we tell a bunch of people that they can chip in and buy us season tickets for our wedding gift." OMG! I almost drove off the bridge we were on because I seriously didn't think life would ever be able to get any better than it had in the past 15 minutes. Considering he had only been to one hockey game before we started dating, he has come a loooooooong way. I'm so proud...and thankful that he encourages my (sometimes unhealthy) obsession with the LA Kings.

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Katebits said...

Wow. He's a keeper!

Silencer76 said...

lol my wife had barely seen hockey on TV before we met eight and a half years ago. Now it is a race to see who can tune in the Leafs games on since we don't have Center Ice and god knows the Leafs are not on TV here in St. Louis.

At least the new schedule means that they will come here more than once a decade or so.

For the record, my site changed, it is now instead of the blogspot one. I figured I may as well own my own site. :)

KMS2 said...

katebits: seriously!

silencer: thanks for the update on your site. It's always nice being able to cheer on the same teams. When the Kings lose, we cry together. When the Saints lose, we cry together. Most of our time together is spent consoling one another.

Kirsten said...

That's all kinds of awesome. If you were to have your wedding in Minnesota, you could totally pull off getting the guests to chip in for season tickets, though you'd have to be waitlisted.

KMS2 said...

Kirsten: not quite sure what people would think if we actually did the gift thing. Luckily the Kings don't have a waiting list for season tickets but I keep thinking that if the team actually gets good in the next several years then maybe I'll have to jump in and get them.

Kirsten said...

That would be so fucking cool if you did that. It would give them something to give you, and save everyone the time of shopping, etc. It's intensely practical, unless you happen to need whatever it is that people would be giving you.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

That is such a great idea! You should do it. Who needs formal dishes? You'll never use them! :P

KMS2 said...

Exactly, I'll probably just break them!

But I honestly don't even know how I would set that up...a website?? I bet my mom would think that's super unclassy. Then I would put on my hockey glove and say "I knew you wouldn't understand"