Saturday, January 5, 2008

Will the Flames be Doused in the SoCal Storm?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist a cheesy title. I mean seriously, how often does it rain down here and even worse, how often does it pour??

The Kings and Flames meet up tonight for the second time this season. That would be the 21-14-7 Calgary Flames, the team I predicted to win the Cup (I know, big statement, right?) against my feeble little Kings who have a downright embarrassing 15-25-2 record. OUCH! We have the fewest wins, the most losses, and are just 3 goals away from being the team with the most allowed goals. However, in all that dim light we are just 2 points away from tying Tampa Bay! And, we have 2 of the 3 top HOT players (Nagy and O'Sullivan) listed under Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey for the past 2 weeks. What are the odds of that happening...

What are the odds that we'll win tonight? How about the odds that a goalie is pulled? Or the odds that Patrick O'Sullivan nets another point? Or the odds that Stuart will turnover the puck again? What is it with that guy and his slow reflexes? He chases the puck down with no one even near the circles, puts his head up, looks, looks, looks, looks, looks, and then by the time he realizes he should actually play the puck, the opposition strips the puck away. I'm beginning to like him less and less with every game I watch, but Preissing is still in the lead for my least favorite free agent signing.

I'm convinced that we'll win this game if Ivanans gets a fighting a major. Why? Well, was it just a coincidence that we ended our losing streak the first game Ivanans got into a fight since being deemed inoperable thanks to Blakey? Or that we annihilated Chicago when Ivanans got another fighting major? Yep...I think there's a pattern.

Speaking of Blake, $5 says he's gone before the trade deadline. The LA Times and ESPN Rumor Central both have him saying that he'll waive his no-trade clause if need be. Hmmmm, sounds like someone has a case of the grumpies. I know Blake, you thought coming to LA was the best idea ever because of your fond memories of working with Crow and your dreams of becoming the next Mario Lemieux by being Jack's surrogate father. Hah, little did you remember that Crow just ain't that hot and poor you didn't realize how much more of a man Jack is than Cindy Crosby. Blake, I will not be sad to see you go. (Sorry ckim) But Blake, when I eventually move to Manhattan Beach, maybe we can go surfing together, ok??

Oh, and a final non-hockey note, someone please tell me you watched Friday Night Lights tonight! Oooooh Tim studly devil.


Kirsten said...

I hope so. Boo Shames. I always like to see my division rivals lose.

KMS2 said...

I don't blame you, especially since the NW Division is so close...hopefully the Kings can do your guys a favor.

Kirsten said...

I'd appreciate it. Every day there is a new number one in the division.