Friday, January 25, 2008

Tommy Lasorda Wins Kings Game

Tommy Lasorda dropped the puck for the ceremonial faceoff. During the second period he was a guest on the color commentary and every time he rambled on about 19-dickety-2 and about fuck knows what, the Kings applied pressure and scored! At first it was slightly annoying having to listen to his mumble-jumble but after we realized he was good luck we didn't want him to stop talking!

From a Kings fan standpoint, this game was awesome! The intensity was there from the second the puck dropped and never ended till the game was done. Instead of a long ass paragraph I'm going to list the highlights of the game in my signature bullet format:

  • The fight between Ivanans and Parros was much better than I had initially anticipated. I kept thinking, "Stay on your goddamn feet, Parros! This fight needs to last for more than 2 seconds!"

  • The best use of Fox Slo-Mo occurred when Jimmy and Bob broke down the best hit of the fight; Ivanans landing a beaut right on Parros' left cheekbone.

  • HD does not do Getzlaf any favors....yikes!

  • Making my night even sweeter was seeing my Kings end Getzlaf's 15-game point streak, which I confidently predicted would happen earlier in the day to my boss. (He was so proud of Getzlaf for keeping the streak alive despite a Ducks loss to the Red Wings a day earlier. I smirked and as he walked away I proclaimed, "Well that's going to end tonight!" So glad I was right because I hate being wrong.)

  • LaBarbera shouldn't have let in the lone Ducks goal, but I'll let it slide since he played a hell of a game.

  • When Handzus prevented a Ducks goal I shouted, "That's why I like the guy!" I also like him because he won some key face-offs and is becoming quite the penalty killer

  • The Manchester kids all played remarkably well. Giuliano, stellar work on the PK, especially blocking two consecutive slap shots. Congrats to Teddy Purcell on his first NHL point. I think Nagy just lost his job to Moulson.

And finally, my player of the game is:
Brad Stuart

Yep, you read that correctly. I am actually giving high praise to BS. I know I've hated on him pretty good lately but he was awesome last night. He played the puck smartly, didn't cause any turnovers, and hit the living crap out of every Ducks player that came near him. Now that's the BS I've been waiting to see. Please continue to play like that for the remainder of the season!

This win was especially sweet since it came against the Ducks. It's rare when almost every Kings player plays well but it's so refreshing to watch games when they do. We probably wouldn't be last in the league if the Kings showed up to play every game like they did last night.


Finny said...


1. you should've been there.

2. you should've came and held up a sign like me and ckim did. lol.

3. you know, there are plenty of women that consider ryan getzlaf to be a hottie. and no, they are not blind... and in fact, if you meet him, he's a really charismatic guy that you find you're easily charmed... okay, so maybe *I* am easily charmed, but dude... he did toss me a puck yesterday. Charming.

4. I kinda wish I could've seen some BS-on-BS action last night... when Brian Sutherby ("my new boy") was challenging your BStuart. lol.

Kirsten said...

WHOOO! I didn't want to say anything before the game was over so as not to spoil the karma, but now I can be happy. I was refreshing the score every five seconds to make sure...

Ew, Getzlaf. He was being a creeper back when he played for the Calgary Hitmen.

KMS2 said...

Finny: I really should have gone...I'm thinking of going to the last game of the season against the Ducks. Will you be at that one? And seriously, next time I go I am definitely bringing a sign!!

Last season I thought Getzie was hot, but not this year. Personality does go a long way, so maybe if I ever run into him I'll think differently. If your BS hadn't tried to start shit so late in the game I bet my BS would have been game. Next game...

kirsten: Throughout the game I kept wanting to do a mini-live-update but I didn't want to jinx anything! I was so nervous that we were going to blow our lead.

Is there really a team called the Calgary Hitmen??

Kirsten said...

Yeah, there really is. They are a WHL team. (Canadian Jr. Hockey League)