Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 15th: Kings 3, Edmonton 1

One radio game down, two remaining. (Eat shit, FSN)

I hate listening to games on the radio because I can't anticipate the play. I'm in a constant state of fear that the other team will score and I have to repeatedly remind myself to breathe because after several frenzies I'll notice that I haven't taken a breath in some time. The experience is even worse when I'm driving home because I have also have to concentrate on not rear-ending anyone and avoiding the crazies who are determined to drive 90 mph. I'm also not that great of a driver but I don't think that's the problem... Big shout out to the owner of the license plate "XKINGZX" with the matching "Kings Rule" license plate frame. On Monday evening I drove behind you for the majority of my commute home and I couldn't help but smile every time I got close enough to read your license plate. ;)

Anyhoo, Kings beat the Oilers with a score of 3-1. From what I gathered from the radio broadcast, it seemed like we really took it to the Oil in the first period. Even though we didn't score on the power play and Edmonton was very aggressive on the PK, we managed to keep it in the offensive zone for almost the entire PP. The Kings somehow limited the Oil to a mere 3 shots in the first period. Despite Pennersquee scoring a goal in the third period, the Kings held on to win the game and it appears that Barbs had another solid game. See, the Kings just need to play with some passion, be smart defensively and Barbs will take care of the rest.

Here's an adorable pic from the night (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jimmy Jeong)

He's still adorable even without his front teeth!!


CKim said...

Take that, Garon!!

Have you noticed that when Sully does interviews now that he can talk without really showing ANY of his teeth? It's kind of funny. I hope he's not embarrassed to show off his toothless smile!

Kirsten said...

Damnit. I guess it's good because they are a division rival, but I LIKE the Oilers.

KMS2 said...

ckim: I've only seen him do one interview but I think at the time he was only missing one tooth. I don't get to watch too many post game shows because usually Patrick changes the channel immediately after the final horn sounds. It's sort of like he's saying "OK! I dealt with this for almost 3 hours, let's watch something I like!"

kirsten: How can you like the Oilers?! It's just that I've always loathed their team, but that sentiment goes back to the early '90s when I hated 90% of their roster.

CKim said...

kms - Go to their website and watch the interviews on Kings Vision.

Kirsten said...

I chose them after the North Stars and Jets went away. I settled on the Oilers. I was a young and impressionable child at 7 or 8 years old, and I'd had my heart broken too many times, I guess. I figured the Oilers weren't going to leave.

CKim said...

Awww! That's so sad! Your teams totally abandoned you! But tell me, if the Wild can sell out their arena for 300 consecutive games, why in the world did the Stars leave in the first place?

Kirsten said...

Because Norm Green is a fuckhead, and the NHL let him move the team to Dallas. There were stretches back in the day when the arena wasn't selling out, but there have also been stretches in Minnesota's economy when sports tickets weren't really in most people's budgets. The Twin Cities didn't used to be quite as metropolitan as they are now, and have grown quite recently.