Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kings v. Red Wings Post Game Report

The highlight of the game was finding out it would be broadcast in HD.

The low point of the game was finding out that Dan Marouelli was one of the refs. This post by Five for Smiting sums up exactly why my dad and I have hated Marouelli since the late'80s.

This game was over before the puck dropped.


CKim said...

I was 100% super excited to see Purcell and Moulson...and Giuliano. ...go Manchester? hahaha.....

KMS2 said...

At one point in the game I definitely thought, "We have a Manchester line" even though I don't think all three played on the same line together. Every season it seems like half our roster is from Manchester. This season isn't as bad but it is bad when some of the Manchester guys are better than the regular players.