Sunday, January 27, 2008

All-Star Game Recap Part I

I had an intense Katamari weekend so I won't be able to post my real All-Star Weekend Recap until tomorrow.

However, I would like to point out how amused I am that I've received a lot of hits from hockey fans searching about Ryan Getzlaf's bald spot. In case you missed my post about his ever expanding bald spot, which I noticed during the 2007 Playoffs, you can read the post here. Apparently his lack of helmet during the SuperSkills contest surprised the female gender. Ohhh, did that flaw remove him from your Squee List?

One of my favorite parts of the All-Star game was seeing Anze Kopitar interviewed for being the first Slovenian player in an All-Star game. His English is quite good, isn't it? And he looked genuinely happy to be there. Although I was ticked off that VS mistakenly showed Sneidermayer's picture. Anyway...I wasn't sure how Kopi was going to play with Ribeiro and Horcoff, but I thought the three of them played well together. No points for Kopi this year but I'm sure he'll back in the future.


elise said...

I did indeed receive an urgent text message from my friend about 5 minutes into the program informing me that Getzlaf had a bald spot.

CKim said...


KMS2 said...

that is the funniest thing I've heard all day!!!