Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Place Your Bets!

Who thinks there are any truths to these rumors?

According to ESPN's Rumor Central:

Red Wings D Chris Chelios told a Detroit radio station last week that a conversation with Kings D Rob Blake last month led him to believe Blake had lost his drive with the Kings and would love to join the Red Wings.

"I don't know if that's exactly what was said [between he and Chelios], so I'll leave it at that," Blake told the Los Angeles Daily News.

The paper said when Blake was asked if he had lost his drive, he gave a long "Well ...," then said he was still trying and didn't know any more he could say.

Blake has a no-trade clause and previously told the Denver Post he would consider waiving it to go to the right team.

"[The Kings] would have to come to me first, but, yeah, it's a possibility," Blake, who will make $6M this season, told the Post.

"Hopefully, we can turn things around here first, before any [trade] talk happens," Blake told the Post.

Yahoo! Sports had two additional rumors:

1. Devils interested in Blake or Stuart

2. Kings shopping Nagy, Modry, and Blake

Here's what I think about all this talk:
Quite honestly I don't care if any or all of those guys are traded. However, what I really don't want to see happen is a trade go down so we acquire Ray Emery, because he is not the solution to our goaltending woes. If Cammalleri was healthy I wouldn't be surprised if he was gone before the trade deadline. Since he hasn't seen a game since December 22nd I don't see how any team would bank on him being a major contribution unless he gets healthy stat and makes an immediate impact with the Kings once he returns. Of course, I realize the Kings will be sellers during the trading period but I hope we can acquire some decent talent that will help us next season as opposed to 3 seasons from now.

It seems like Blake wants to go based on the quotes in the papers and websites but I'm curious to see what team wants to foot his salary, although his contract is up at the end of the season. I don't know how anyone would want Modry...maybe a team in need of a veteran stay-at-home defenseman? Maybe a team could teach Stuart how not to turnover the puck 5,356,247 times during a game. And maybe, just maybe, Nagy will be a consistent player on a different team. I still think he could do decently with the Kings but not at his salary...and for that matter, what other team would pay him that?!

Oh right, there's a game on tonight! And it'll be televised! Tonight is going to be a disaster. I foresee an arena filled with red sweaters and a plethora of talent on display from guys named Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lidstrom, and...oh who am I kidding, from the entire Detroit squad.


Silencer76 said...

Apparently there is talk that Stuart and Blake are rumored to be dealt, with New Jersey entering the mix of teams interested as Lou Lamoriello continues to look for a PP QB and top four D to bolster his blueline.

I have also heard that the Kings are interested in the Leafs Andrew Raycroft. Hey, if Jean Sebastian Aubin wasn't enough for you, you can have Raycroft too, he has gone in the tank this season.

KMS2 said...

If Lou wants Blake he'll have to remind him not to be so aggressive offensively since I don't think that's the Devils' style.

Oh man, the last thing we need is to take on another backup caliber goalie.