Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday Five Focus

I've wanted to do a weekly feature for some time so we'll see if this 'Friday Five Focus' lasts more than one week. If so, then every Friday I'll post five things I've focused on for the past several days.

  1. I find great pleasure in other peoples' anguish. Does it make me a bad person for laughing on the inside knowing that the Buffalo Sabres have a longer losing streak this season than the Kings? I don't dislike the Sabres it's just that I can't believe the Sabres have lost 10 in a row while the Kings' longest losing streak this season is only 8 games. I bet my Kings will lose tonight because of bad karma...I knew I shouldn't have discussed this...

  2. Is Peter Forsberg hot? Would you hit that? I've always said "No" but this pic has me questioning my answer. Take a look (courtesy of Getty Images), what do you say?

  3. "Look at how clean I am!!"

  4. I don't know a lick about Spector's Hockey, but the person who wrote the rumor about the Sens needing a defenseman suggested that Rob Blake could fill the void. So the question is: how much does this rumor starter know?? is there any truth to this rumor?? if it's just one guy/gal spitting out opinions, is this really how rumors get started? If any of you are familiar with Spector's Hockey, leave me a note explaining the truthiness behind their rumors. RudyKelly made a plea to the Red Wings and Senators to make a trade for Rob Blake because they're the only teams that have a chance at knocking out the Ducks in the post-season. I'm willing to get behind the Wings and Sens during the playoffs because I would poop my pants if the Ducks won the Cup again this year.

  5. When will Dean Lombardi re-sign O'Sullivan? He's an RFA at the end of the season, is currently raking in $850,800, and has a career best 12-14-26 in 47 games of his sophomore season (but first full season). Deano won't trade him, right?

  6. Why the hell can't I get my Katamari big enough to plug the Black Hole? Every time I fail I have to redo the level which takes a minimum of 18 minutes to finish. I bought Katamari last Sunday and have played it every night before I hit the sack, meaning I've averaged approximately 4-5 hours of sleep each night this week. If I can't beat this damn level pretty soon I'm going to end up with circles as dark as Anze's and the next week at the office will be absolutely brutal.

    Check out those dark circles!!


CKim said...

1) I like how the NHL Network analysts are saying that Buffalo is "winless" in 10. Dude, losing in the shootout is still losing.

2)Peter Forsberg is NOT hot. He's CREEPY-looking. Remember, kms, he's the reason Crocs are in this country.

3) Rob Blake can go where ever he damn well pleases. And he'll still by my fav!

4) If DL doesn't resign Sully...I don't know what I'd do. He HAS to...right? Who could be bring in if he were traded? Would they be a bust like 99% of the free agents we got this year? He's already proving himself. Just sign him already!

5) hahaha

KMS2 said...

Patrick played Katamari last night and ended up going to bed 5 MINUTES before I woke up!!! But he did admit that I'm better at the game than he is which really upsets him ;)

I forgot to mention, "not considering his association with Crocs"..but ok, yeah, I just needed some confirmation.

Earl Sleek said...

on #5: Go back and improve your results on the earlier levels. Those planets will be larger in the universe, and will help you get large enough to block the black hole.

On a side gripe, though, I'm having a hell of a time getting 100 points on the plant level--I think he wants 13 M in 5 minutes, and it's driving me nuts.

Kirsten said...

That reminds me, someone should write a Friday five for HLOG...

Kirsten said...
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KMS2 said...

earl, thanks for the tip...I'll have to try it! I think the most points I've gotten on any level is 56, so I have my work cut out for me.

kirsten: yeah, whatever happened to that??

Kirsten said...

I made the Friday Five come back.

As for fucking way. Like Ckim said, he's creepy looking.

Ellie said...

forsberg looks like a viking no matter how much photoshop they do to him.

KMS2 said...

earl, thanks for the tip. I went back and redid a bunch of levels and then I played the last level and plugged the black hole!!

kirsten/ellie: thanks for the's comforting to know I've been correct all along.