Monday, January 7, 2008

TV Schedule Rant

Dear Person in Charge of the TV Schedule,

The Kings finally battle the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday. However, if Kings fan want to watch their team play an Eastern Conference team then we actually have to go to Staples Center since the game will not be televised. Of all the games to not televise why does it have to be against a team that fans in SoCal rarely have the opportunity to see (unless they have Center Ice)? How about not televising a game against Phoenix? Or Edmonton because who gives a crap about them? I realize not being able to watch the Kings play Toronto isn't nearly as bad as the possibility of not seeing Pittsburgh or Washington (I'm a sucker for watching Ovie), but it's still bad that a game against an Eastern Conference team is not televised. Thursday's game will be just the third game played this season against a non-Western Conference team and I would have really liked to have been able to see it. And no, my "New Year's Resolution" is not preventing me from attending this game, my "No Mon-Thurs Games" stance is preventing me from attending this game. Thankfully the 6 remaining games against EC foes will be televised (including the Pittsburgh game).

Some people may argue that the Kings are trying to blackout games to sell tickets and I highly doubt that is the case with this game. In fact, I bet it's because UCLA and USC men's basketball are being televised on FSNPT and FSNW, respectively. However, the following week I won't be able to watch any of the three Kings games through Western Canada. It seems ridiculous that three consecutive away games will not be televised (not quite sure what the reason is since FSN doesn't have their schedule up that far in advance). These four games seem like opportune moments for Versus to broadcast but of course, that won't happen because Why would Versus show a Kings game? If it weren't for that London game the Kings would never have been televised on VS. I realize not every game can be televised but c'mon, against an EC team? Three away games in a row?? Sometimes I just love being a Kings fan.

Pissed Off,

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