Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gift Idea

When your hockey fan friend has a birthday, do you ever wonder ,what should I get him or her?
I present to you, a birthday gift I received from my wonderful friends Mishele and Craig. They're engaged so it was a combined gift but I think Craig was the one who found it. He knows a bit about hockey since he's a tortured Philly fan and is well aware of my (sometimes unhealthy) hockey obsession. The funniest thing about this gift is that they live in Texas and not in a city named Dallas. So I wonder, what in the world was a kid's starter toy hockey set with Luc Robitaille as the promoter, doing in a store in Texas? I just received it and haven't had a chance to ask them where exactly they found it. But seriously, best gift ever! Thanks guys!

My new Luc Robitaille hockey set!


Isleschick said...

Very nice! I once bought my husband a mini Luc bobblehead (he's a big fan of his)

KMS2 said...

Luc bobblehead...I'm so jealous!

Craig said...

"A bit" about hockey huh? Back-to-back (and still champion I might add) KMS2 fantasy hockey league champion.

Although I do have to admit a few things here. 1) 85% of my hockey knowledge comes from NHL 96. 2) I'm scared because now you have all these blogger SUPER fans that you can add to our league, which will assure that I won't be able to pick players like Gagne in the 12th round or grab a guy like Cheechoo off of waivers anymore. 3) On second thought, I did follow this season pretty closely, so i'm thinking three-peat.

Craig said...

PS. You are very welcome. When I saw that I freaked out. We've had it for months in our living room. I can assure it was found in the last place on earth one would ever expect and that we broke the bank.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (6 days ago)