Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LA Kings 2006 Draft: Who? Why? Where is He Now?

The last Draft analysis!! Woohoo! I really don’t want to write this but I have to complete my mission. Here are the 2006 Draft picks for the LA Kings (DL’s first Draft with the Kings):

  1. Jonathan Bernier (R1)
  2. Trevor Lewis (R1)
  3. Joe Ryan (R2)
  4. Jeff Zatkoff (R3)
  5. Bud Holloway (R3)
  6. Niclas Andersen (R4)
  7. David Meckler (R5)
  8. Martin Nolet (R5)
  9. Constantin Braun (R6)
I actually watched the Kings pick Bernier and was pleased that we drafted the highest touted goalie in the draft. We all know how horrible our goaltending was this past season and we all know how DL likes to stock up on quality goaltenders so hopefully we’ll see Bernier suited up in a Kings jersey within the next two or three seasons. I was also glad that we didn’t wait till the last round before we selected a goalie.

I remember being in a rush to leave my apt when Pierre McGuire reported that something big was about to happen involving the LA Kings and Minnesota Wild. And then a commercial came on and I had to leave. It killed me not knowing what was going on with my beloved Kings. Later in the day I found out that the Kings traded away Pavol Demitra for Patrick O’Sullivan and Minnesota's next draft pick, which they used to select
Trevor Lewis. I read somewhere that DL made the trade because he specifically wanted Lewis and that if Lewis had been drafted by another team, he would not have made the trade. Lewis better be damn good.

No one over the age of 12 should be called Joey. Anyway, apparently Patrick Roy is like a mentor to
Joey Ryan. I don’t know what I think of that. Oh, the article claims that Roy and his wife are divorced…I wonder why.

Jeff Zatkoff is a goalie with a pretty damn good record while playing in the USHL and NCAA. We should probably keep an eye on him.

I was going to say that I didn’t realize that kids born in the ‘80s were named Bud, but thankfully it’s just his nickname.
Bud Holloway has consistently improved while playing in the WHL. Holy cow, he was born in 1988!! Were all of these guys born in ’88? Ack! I’m getting old.

Niclas Andersen is just another Euro player.

David Meckler did pretty well this past season in the OHL.

Martin Nolet. Whatever.

Constantin Braun the last player picked in the draft?

So what did I learn about the past draft picks for the LA Kings? Most of the European players we picked either couldn’t come to an agreement with the Kings and/or they remained in Europe, never to be heard from again. We did pretty well in putting off the selection of a goalie till the second to last round. And we made some pretty bonehead trades in feeble attempts to improve the team for the short-term. While I want to praise DL for his first Draft, I will hold off because the effects of a Draft never seem to immediately reveal themselves. Time will only tell how DL compares to Dave Taylor.

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