Sunday, June 10, 2007


I started my other blog so that I could post about random stuff. Once I joined HLOG, I started writing posts almost daily. I soon realized that it was so easy for me to write about the Kings and hockey, especially when I have so many other female hockey blogs that provide me with much inspiration. I've recently been contemplating about changing the name of my first blog so that the name reflects the actual theme of my post. Tonight I finally made the decision to create a new blog that more appropriately encompasses my intentions to have a hockey-related blog, in particular, one that shows my love for the LA Kings. I love the color purple and, fortunately, my favorite hockey team sports the color purple. Purple Crushed Velvet, the color and fabric of royalty.

NOTE: I'm still not sure I like this template, so please be patient while I start this blog.

I've posted my last three posts from my other site since they were all about the LA Kings.


Bethany said...

I like's really cute. I will fix it on my blogroll thingy.

KMS2 said...

Thanks, Bethany!