Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Twinsies 2.0

For the past two years, I’ve been telling my boyfriend about the similarities between Craig Conroy and Greg Kinnear. Judge for yourself:

Craig Conroy

Greg Kinnear


Bethany said...

Craig is a lot cuter...but they do look a lot alike.

Shmee said...

Hmmm...trying to imagine Craig as the gay man with a dog from "As Good as it Gets"

Have to agree that Craig is cuter.

KMS2 said...

Bethany: You're right, Craig is much cuter. And probably nicer because he comes across as one of the nicest guys in the league. I was so sad to see him go back to Calgary.

Shmee: I completely forgot Greg Kinnear was the gay guy! The last movie I saw him in was Little Miss Sunshine, and I doubt that Craig would let his family become so dysfunctional.

Jordi said...

But could Craig Conroy do self-help and motivation? Methinks so. "Come on Iggy! Go! Unleash your potential!"

KMS2 said...

Craig Conroy could do anything. He's just that awesome!!