Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hideousness at its finest

IPB's most recent post inspired me to dig up an old post I wrote about the worst NHL jerseys (in my humble, awesome opinion). I actually wrote this post way back in 2006 and posted it on my other blog. I'm reposting it here because (a) this is the only thing I can think of writing about and (b) the only person who read my other blog in 2006 was me. So when I say "tonight's game" I really mean, a game I watched this past season. Also, this was written before the new Rbk jerseys so when I reference the NHL shop for examples, don't pay any attention to the Rbk jerseys.

I didn’t think Atlanta’s jersey could get any worse till I just saw the highlights of tonight’s game. (I'm actually not quite sure how long it has been a part of the jersey but I just noticed it.) The additional feature that caught my eye is the “ATLANTA” written on the sleeve. The last time I saw a team name on the sleeve was on my high school’s football t-shirt (in the ‘90s). Actually, it wasn’t even a jersey, but a t-shirt. Most likely it was a warm-up shirt or a freebie that all the players received. So what’s next, placing “THRASHERS” on the other sleeve? Is it really necessary to have the team name spelled out on the sleeves? I think it’s completely acceptable to have the name on the front as do some teams; some jerseys incorporate it into the logo (i.e., the
Dallas Stars) and some teams have an additional jersey that the team will wear from time to time (i.e., the Colorado Avalanche ) with just the team name written across the front. But once you have a logo and then place the team name on the sleeve, you start to clutter up the jersey and make it into an eye sore.

The other two things about Atlanta’s jersey that bother me are (1) the colors and (2) the logo. I’ll be honest; I don’t know what a ‘Thrasher’ is. Judging by the logo I’m guessing it’s like a tornado or hurricane. Let me check
wikipedia… Haha, I was way off!! Direct from Wikipedia:

“The nickname ‘Thrasher’, after Georgia’s state bird, the brown thrasher, was selected from a fan poll. ‘Thrashers’ had actually been runner-up to ‘Flames’ for Atlanta’s first NHL team, and Philips Arena, the Thrashers’ new home, was built on the site of the former Omni, which had been home to the Atlanta Flames.”

Now that I know that a Thrasher is a bird, upon closer inspection, the logo does resemble a bird with a hockey stick. I must admit, too bad this logo was already taken because the Ducks could have used a logo like this one. I suppose if I had done my research before writing this post I would only have one problem with their jersey.

The Atlanta Thrashers’ colors are Ice Blue, Navy Blue, Red and Gold. Since when did having two or three colors not be good enough? The jersey’s main color is ice blue, which I think makes them look like they should be playing youth hockey. No grown man should have to wear ice blue, which we all know is really code for “baby blue” or “a delicate shade of blue”. I think this jersey would have looked way better if it was only navy blue with gold and red accents. And when I say accents, I really do mean using the colors in more than just one line. It still bothers me that the Ducks organization insists they are black and orange, when really they are black and gold with an orange line at the bottom of the jersey. Of course they can’t really be black and orange because then their jerseys would be absolutely hideous, but they should at least accept the fact that they are this close from looking like the Penguins.

The NHL shop has
two different jerseys for Atlanta. I just noticed another detail that is completely unnecessary. What in the world is that yellow detail at the bottom of the jersey? And if you click on one of the blue jerseys you can see the “ATLANTA” on the sleeve. You know what else I don’t like about the blue jerseys? The asymmetrical design for the sleeve that has “ATLANTA” written on it. I realize that the darker blue provides an effect that draws the eye to the “ATLANTA” but is it really necessary considering how unbalanced the jersey already looks with text on the sleeve?

I’m actually tired of writing but I’ll briefly describe my next least favorite NHL jersey: The Nashville Predators. The two problems I have with this jersey are (1) the colors (again) and (2) the jersey layout. Once again, there is one too many colors. Let me check
wikipedia to make sure I correctly list the colors. The colors are Navy Blue, Silver, and Gold. First rule of color decisions (according to kms2): Only one metallic color should be used when designing a jersey. Although, quite honestly, I thought the gold was actually yellow. It doesn’t actually matter if it’s gold or yellow because my biggest pet peeve is the silver and where it is placed on the jersey. The NHL shop has three jerseys for Nashville and if you look at the jersey you'll see why I hate it. And don’t even get me started on the yellow jersey and the comical logo. I could write about this jersey for hours but I have more important things to focus on

Update: I still could go on and on about how disgusting and atrocious the Nashville jerseys are, but I still have more important things to focus on.


Craig said...

You sting me deep...I read your blog in '06. I've been a loyal lifer, but I guess I'm just a nobody. (snif) :(

Craig said...

I'm subbing right now and the kids are doing bookwork and I was looking at HLOG. What a totally sweet blogger community! I wish I could join it, even though I don't think I'm in love with hockey as much as those women are.

Seems like the ideal place for you KMS2.

KMS2 said...

I know, I know, you and Mishele have been loyal readers. You also wouldn't be able to join HLOG because you're not female. And if you were,I'd have to talk to Mishele...

Craig said...

I know I can't join it silly, that's why I said, "I wish I COULD join." I just read this article on ESPN and wanted to get your thoughts...Seems like there's some pretty big names out there. Will the Flyers drop some cash or are they scared after what happened last season?


KMS2 said...

I actually read that yesterday. Considering the Flyers already acquired Biron at the trade deadline and got Timmonen and Hartnell before free agency, I'd say they're going to make a big signing this weekend. But then again, what do I know. Biron could be yapping away about bringing Briere to Philly without any backing to it and the rumors always have guys being interested in about 5 different teams and then they end up going someplace no one anticipated, like with Smyth getting dealt to the Islanders. Regardless, this Sunday should be interesting.