Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LA Kings 1999 Draft – Who? Why? Where is He Now?

Somehow (and I’m too lazy to do the research) the Kings did not have a first round pick. That’s ok considering the past two years of first round picks did absolutely dick for the team. No, not bitter. Not at all. Onward to the 1999 Draft (round picked listed in parenthesis):

  1. Andrei Shefer (R2)
  2. Jason Crain (R3)
  3. Frantisek Kaberle (R3)
  4. Cory Campbell (R3)
  5. Brian McGrattan (R4)
  6. Daniel Johansson (R4)
  7. Jean-Francois Nogues (R5)
  8. Kevin Baker (R7)
  9. George Parros (R8)
  10. Noah Clarke (R9)
My commentary is going to be short and sweet.

Andrei Shefer managed to live outside of Russia for one season.

Jason Crain played 4 years of hockey at Ohio State University where he was routinely seen picking up girls with the line, “so, did you know we have a hockey team?”

Why is
Frantisek Kaberle not in a Kings uniform? We didn’t even give him a full season before we shipped him off to Atlanta. Sure, it did take him a couple seasons to blossom, but I wish we had kept him.

Cory Campbell has made quite a name for himself as a backup goalie in the minors.

We all know where
Brian McGrattan has ended up. It only took him 8 seasons in the minors to prep for the NHL. Now that he’s an Ottawa Senator I think he’s about done sewing that chenille fabric bench cushion stuffed with down filling.

Hockey DB came up with 5 different players named
Daniel Johansson. I’m not in the mood to click on each name to figure out where he ended up. My guess, hittin’ the discothèques in Europe.

Jean-Francois Nogues. He’s not interesting.

There are two players named
Kevin Baker listed on Hockey DB. Don’t care. He’s probably in the minors.

George Parros is so awesome, he even has his own website. Georgie was too busy getting an economics degree at Princeton to bother with the NHL. I mean seriously, why play in professional hockey when you can attend and play at an Ivy League school and write your senior thesis on the West Coast Longshoremen’s labor dispute. Oh that’s right, because being able to attend an Ivy league school and play professional hockey, where you’re an enforcer, makes you an incredible hard ass. I like Georgie and am sad that he was replaced by the Raitis Ivanans.

I am so f’ing sick and tired of seeing
Noah Clarke get called up every now and then and do hardly anything. Can’t we just kick him to curb. Or, I know! How about the Kings stay healthy enough so we don’t become the Monarchs for half the season.

Overall, I don’t know how I feel about this draft. It was better than 1998 but not by much.


Shmee said...

After watching his team in the playoffs, I bet McGrattan is spending the offseason furiously knitting for the team. I can see it now:

"If I just make Dany a pink sweater with a double cross stitch and appliqué bunny on the front, I know he'll be able score a goal in the playoffs!"

He should just bang his teammates heads together.

KMS2 said...

Can you even imagine McGrattan knitting. Haha, I would pay to see that.