Thursday, June 14, 2007

LA Kings 2000 Draft: Who? Why? Where is He Now?

I promise that the 2000 Draft was much better than the previous three years. Here we go!

  1. Alexander Frolov (R1)
  2. Andreas Lilja (R2)
  3. Yanick Lehoux (R3)
  4. Lubomir Visnovsky (R4)
  5. Nathan Marsters (R5)
  6. Yevgeny Fedorov (R7)
  7. Tim Eriksson (R7)
  8. Craig Olynick (R7)
  9. Dan Welch (R8)
  10. Flavien Conne (R8)
  11. Carl Grahn (R9)
Alexander Frolov is probably my favorite current Kings player. Frolo, as I like to call him, is just one day older than me! If only we were friends, then we could have a joint birthday bash. (So I just told my boyfriend this fact and he said, “Really!!?” because he thinks I look way younger…hooray! Good answer, boyfriend!) I like Frolo for many reasons but I think he would be my clear-cut choice as favorite player (rather than the “probably”) if he produced better numbers. Each year the coaching staff challenges him to be better, to shoot more, shoot more, and shoot more. He has great skills and is a natural goal scorer, but for some reason is still reluctant to take the shot. And he’s pretty damn good in the shootout. If you’ve ever seen him in the shootout you probably won’t even see his last touch because he doesn’t make the last move till he’s practically skating on top of the goalie. He didn’t play with the Kings till 2002 and since then has had 31 points, 48 points, 54 points (in 69 games), and 71 points in each of the last 4 seasons. He is clearly improving (always a good sign) but he still has yet to net 40 goals in a season. He should be a 40-goal scorer and that’s what I expect out of him this coming season. Go, Fro, Go!!

We all know about
Andrea Lilja. I can still see him coughing up the puck…it still hurts, although I’m sure it would hurt more if I was a Red Wings fan. I’m not quite sure how and why he got sent to Florida and then Detroit, but check out that wikipedia article on him. Has a bit of interesting stuff about him, Henrik Tallinder, and Kristian Huselius. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment on the incident, but it’s interesting to read about what these guys do and go through off the ice.

Five years after drafting him, the Kings put
Yanic Lehoux on waivers and Phoenix claimed him. Looking at his numbers while in Manchester, I’m sort of surprised that the Kings never had him play for them. But, seeing how he did in a Coyotes uniform…maybe putting him on waivers wasn’t a bad idea.

Lubi is another of my favorites. Although I don’t know how anyone can’t not like a guy who looks as adorable as him. His rookie season was solid with 39 points but his numbers dropped a bit the next three seasons. His breakout season was in 2005-2006 when he almost led the Kings in scoring, as a D-man, with 67 points. He followed that great season with a 58-point season while only playing 69 games. Lubi is awesome. He has a great slap shot, plays excellent defense and offense, and skates really well. If you’ve never noticed him, keep an eye out this coming season. Getting Lubi in Round 4 was a steal!

Nathan Marsters is just another name on the “goalie-who-doesn’t-do-anything” list.

I’m convinced that Yevgeny Fedorov doesn’t even exist.

Tim Eriksson hasn’t played a single game for a North American team.

Craig Olynick, Dan Welch, Flavien Conne, Carl Grahn blah, blah, blah, don’t care.

This Draft wasn’t too bad. We did get Frolov and Visnovsky out of it and they’re both still with the Kings and doing well. I heart Frolo and Lubi! Just thinking about them makes me happy!

Note: If Dean trades Lubi within the next two seasons, I will never, ever forgive him.


Bethany said...

I think I may steal this idea...I like it.

KMS2 said...

Be prepared to feel depressed and disappointed after you search each player's name and find out either he has never played for your team or, even better, you can't find him anywhere.

Bethany said...

Haha, well being a Jackets fan I'm used to feeling depressed and disappointed...haha

Scott Cheatham said...

Craig Olynick is alive and well playing for the Rocky Mountain Rage of the CHL. Pretty good d-man for this league.

KMS2 said...

SC: Thanks for the update! I'm not too familiar with the minor league teams so it's good to hear that a Kings draft pick is doing well.