Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LA Kings 2005 Draft Part 2: Who? Why? Where is He Now?

With my glowing praise of Kopitar out of the way it’s time to talk about the remaining draft picks. Just in case you don’t want to scroll down to the previous post, here were the 2005 Draft picks for the LA Kings:

  1. Anze Kopitar (R1)
  2. Dany Roussin (R2)
  3. TJ Fast (R2)
  4. Patrik Hersley (R5)
  5. Ryan McGinnis (R6)
  6. Josh Meyers (R7)
  7. John Seymour (R7)
I’ve never heard of Dany Roussin but the kid lit it up in the QMJHL (the worst acronym ever). No wonder we selected him. Now if only he could put up numbers like he used to…

TJ Fast: [insert corny pun]

Either Umass-Amherst has a shitty hockey club or
Quickie isn’t so hot himself. (Note: I resisted the urge to use the word ain’t.)

Patrik Hersley has played in Europe during the past three seasons. Odds of him staying overseas? 99.99%

Ryan McGinnis has his own Wikipedia page, but it’s very brief with no juicy gossip. In other words, Boring!

Josh Meyers is another defenseman and I hope he’s good because we’re lacking young quality D-men.

My guess is that
John Seymour plays on the checking line.

So that’s it. Probably my most boring “analysis” yet. It’s quite difficult to talk about these guys when they’re so young and have hardly any history. Obviously, Kopitar was the highlight of this draft and hopefully Roussin and Quick will develop into fine NHL quality players. Not quite sure how long I will continue to hope before I completely lose faith.

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