Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cammy (my dear)

David Amber has a pretty good interview with Cammy. He makes a playful swipe at Avery that is really funny. All I'll say is Demitra is even more awesome than I could have ever imagined. Apparently Cammy was on MTV Cribs (Canada). Did any Canadians catch it??

One part of the article that I found interesting was one of the photos (courtesy of Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty Images) :

Nice fan, Cammy!

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2007
Reader KQ949 calls Cammy "Ham Head" because as she says, "his head is oversized and has the shape of a canned ham". Below is a picture that she so graciously provided that clearly depicts what she means. I must say that I have noticed his steep sloping forehead but usually you can't notice it too much when he wears his helmet. Thanks, KQ949!

Ham Head!


CKim said...

hahaha, I totally didn't even notice that he completely whiffed it!

And I want to see the Cribs episode!

KQ949 said...

I call him "Ham" for short!


CKim said...

Dude, who's the guy in the background with the gaping mouth? haha