Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Everytime Kopitar touched the puck the BF would say, "Kopitastic!" It warmed my heart to see my silly names rub off on him. Also, whenever Demitra touched the puck he screamed, "Traitor!!" I kept reminding him that Demitra was traded but I think he just liked having a tiny excuse to yell and as long as it kept him interested in the game I decided not to press the issue any further. One more thing, after O'Sullivan looked like the fucking man for the 15th time during the game, I finally admitted (out loud) that Patty O was quickly becoming my favorite player of the season. The BF quickly countered, "I think you just have a thing for Irishmen." No, sweetie, just guys named Patrick. ;)

Back to the game: I watched tonight's game with intense trepidation constantly looking for something to take my mind off the Kings' impending breakdown. In fact, I actually pulled out the iron and ironing board during shootout because I was so anxious and nervous that I had to do something else besides sit on the couch and pull my hair out. Do I sound like I was desperate? Yeah, I was. I still am because we still only have 2 wins on the season! The Kings put on a much better showing tonight and the game was a lot more exciting than I had initially anticipated. Not 'frantic crazy' exciting like the game against Boston, but 'good' exciting. Despite a couple giveaways (Preissing, Aubing: wtf? figure it out next time) the Kings played a solid game from start to finish. Quite frankly, that's all I've been wanting to see lately.

I'm still on a high after watching the shootout so that's all I'll discuss in this post. Kopitar's shootout goal was way more awesome than I initially thought it was. I thought he just pulled a JR (skating right into the goalie) but on the other angle you see him clearly and deliberately slide it to the outside and with a couple fingers still handling his stick, he slid it past Backstrom. Oh, it was sweet! And best yet, Kopitar revealed in the post game interview that he tried the move in the morning skate so he knew he could pull it off. Yep, "NO BIG DEAL!!!!! NBD!!!!!!"

Now that I know my team can actually play, I hope they can string a couple wins in a row. Actually, three would be nice since we haven't done that since, what, the 2005-2006 season?

UPDATE: Here's a photo (courtesy of the LA Times) that pretty much sums up the awesomeness of Kopitar's shootout goal.


Kate said...

I was so happy for the scrappy Kings last night! Good work guys!

KMS2 said...

Kate, thanks for your support! I am so elated that the Kings finally won another game. I keep reminding myself that it's just one game, but I'm praying that it'll spark some confidence in the team.

Finny said...

not bad, kms, not bad. enjoyed the game... despite my best efforts to be un-invested. =]

good stuff. good SO. had fun watching kopitar. tried to watch jack johnson, but ended up keeping my eye on kopitar. hahaha... so much for that.

check it: i blogged about the game. hope you like it... and pls let me know if I was off-base somewhere. thank youuuu!

CKim said...

This is from the Kings website:

"It is such a tough move, unless you know he is going to do it, there is not much you can do to stop it," Aubin said. "I told Kopi after the game, 'if you ever do that on me in practice I will crack you over the head.'

"It is just a great move."