Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Difficulties of Attending a Kings Game

When does one eat when there's a 5 pm start time? Such is the biggest dilemma facing us this weekend. Frankly, I can eat almost anytime, anywhere. But do I eat a big late lunch at around 3-ish and then hope it holds till the game is over (so that I don't spend $50 on food at the insanely overpriced Staples Center) and I join the BF at the local Saints bar where I then eat massive amounts of nuclear-flavored wings and try to heal his wounds from another Saints loss? Or do I eat a small-to-medium-sized lunch and then treat myself to say, popcorn, which I've never bothered to buy, but am very intrigued to taste after reading about it at IPB.

CKim and I will be attending our first game of the season this Sunday, Oct 14th at 5 pm when our beloved Kings take on the Detroit Red Wings. We'll be in Section 303, Row 3 both sporting our Womens fit Kings jerseys; CKim has Blake's name and number on the back and mine is blank.

Oh, and another thing, apparently CKim thinks I'm some sort of lush, which became apparent when she said, after suggesting a great way for us to carpool and avoid having both of us pay for parking,
"I just thought, if you wanted to drink at the game, I'll drive. =) You can drive to me and I'll drive to the game."
Just because I was super excited to drink at 9 am doesn't mean I get hammered at every Kings game ;) Now don't get me wrong, I like a beer or two every now and then and when the occasion arises my beer gut knows how to properly prepare itself. However, I really don't like to drink at Staples Center because beer costs $9-$10. I normally spend $10.99 for a 24-pack of PBR. $10 for one beer, even if it is a large cup, is too expensive for my blood!

Anyway, I really hope JMFJ gets into a scrum because I want nothing more than to lead the chant, "Kill Jack Kill!" Well, actually, I would rather have the Kings win.

Go Kings!!


CKim said...

Hmm, I guess I'm just too used to hanging out with my college buddies who can all drink whenever where ever. Note to self: KMS2 isn't a lush. SWEET! =D haha

I'm way too excited for the game. We all know that section 303 will be where the party's at.

Interchangeable Parts said...

Remember, kms2, only get the popcorn if you see it popped fresh in front of you! The pre-packaged stuff isn't worth it! ONLY FRESH POPCORN!

Sorry, just had to leave that disclaimer, so if the popcorn sucks, you don't go saying IPB is responsible for a bad meal! :)

KMS2 said...

CKim: I definitely wouldn't describe myself as a lush! I've been the DD several times for Kings games.

IPB: Fresh popcorn. Check!

Do you have a recommendation for when to get it? Beginning of the game? 1st intermission? 2nd intermission? I'm actually really excited to get the popcorn!

Keith said...

KMS2: Listen, I have the answer to your problems with beer prices (thanks for raising them AGAIN, AEG): flask. Use it. I'm here to also inform :-)

Interchangeable Parts said...

Do you have a recommendation for when to get it? Beginning of the game? 1st intermission? 2nd intermission? I'm actually really excited to get the popcorn!

Our seats were at the very last row of the steep and trecherous upper bowl at CAA, so once we were sitting down, we were there until the end of the game. Thus we had no option other than to get it before the 1st period. This worked out well, actually, because we could then snack on it as the game went on. That's the beauty of popcorn over something like nachos or pizza that might congeal.

We're happy your so excited for the popcorn and hope it lives up to your every expectation!

KMS2 said...

Keith: plastic flask I presume? I heard they sell out quick because people like to take them on planes. And this is something I only found out about a couple months ago!

IPB: Thanks for the advice! We're sitting in the top section and lines are usually ridiculous during intermissions so I'll probably get the popcorn before I head to my seat. And it'll be WAY easier to eat than a hot dog!