Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gameday Preview: Halloween Edition

The LA Kings will be taking on the Columbus Blue Jackets on Halloween Night!! ooooooooohh!! If you want an actual preview of what the game may be like, head over to Battle of California because I bet RudyKelly does or will have a preview of it.

I'm giving you, my gentle readers, a preview into what costumes you can expect the Kings to be wearing as they roll into Staples Center.

Raitis "Bam Bam" Ivanans will be going as "Ray Ray the Redneck". He already has part of the costume taken care of with his missing tooth and straggly hair. This past week PCVelvet correspondents spotted him at Hermosa Beach preparing his redneck appearance by sunbathing while wearing a shirt and his neck and arms were slathered in baby oil. He was overhead consulting with a teammate about whether or not he should buy a farm animal to carry with him when he went Trick-or-Treating. His teammate quickly assured him that his pitbull would be mighty sufficient as a Redneck prop.

JMFJ will be dressing as his BFF from high school, Sidney Crosby. For three long years Sid has been unsuccessfully searching for his favorite teddy bear and fullbody PJs. Little does he know that JMFJ, who established quite a mancrush on Sid, stole those cherished items. In fact, JMFJ even made plans to have Mario Lemieux fly out to LA tomorrow as he'll be escorting JMFJ everywhere and making all of his decisions, just like a good father should.

Lubomir Visnovsky will be going as his alter ego, Lubi, the Slovakian discothequer. Ever since he came to LA Lubomir has kept his sparkly pants, matching vest, white wedge boots, and yellow club glasses in a secret hiding place. With his new contract secured during the offseason Lubomir is finally comfortable in showing his true self. He might be a bit sluggish in tomorrow's game because rumor has it he'll be at the discotheque for the next two days only leaving to play the game against Columbus.

Anze Kopitar has been preparing for this Halloween costume ever since he can remember. His favorite show growing up was The Addams Family and, as you may have already guessed, his favorite character was Uncle Fester. Oh how he longed for the day when he would be old enough to play Uncle Fester in a remake of the TV show. Ever since he was 5 years old he would force himself to only get a maximum of 3 hours of sleep at night because he wanted to develop dark circles under his eyes. He thought about shaving his head for this special occasion but after seeing Ryan Getzlaf's bald spot, realized that he just couldn't go bald this early in his life. Instead, he scoured the Southland talking to numerous drama geeks and trannies in search of the perfect bald cap and spirit gum. Beware Kings fans, Anze's costume is spot on.

Michael Cammalleri will be proudly dressed as a pageant queen. You may not be aware but Cammy actually competed in one pageant when he was 7 years old. Apparently his parents really wanted him to be a girl so when he was really young they often dressed him in skirts or dresses. They contemplated piercing his ears but held off. As he got older and became interested in hockey, they still exposed him to girly activities, like pageants. He was often told just how pretty his eyes were, how every girl could only dream of having his perfectly shaped eyebrows and soft skin. In fact, his favorite TV character is Robby McConnell from The Tournament because as he once said in an interview, "Robby's love for jazz is just as big as my love for pageants. I feel for that kid because I used to be him."


CKim said...


Wait, if Mario is flying out, who's Blake gonna play dad to?

And Anze must keep his mane!

pageants...who'd be silly enough to be in a pageant.....

KMS2 said...

who's Blake gonna play dad to?

Well, Blake is more of a mentor figure whereas Mario really does act like Sid's dad to the point where it's just creepy. The dude is worth how much and he's still living with Papa Mario?? Odd...

CKim said...

I'd just assume he'd moved out by now! I mean, Jack's looking for his own place already. I guess it IS true what they saying about assuming.

Oh, and I will TOTALLY be rocking the discotheque with Lubo tonight. He will be in his sparkly pants and I'll be in my heels and afro.

KQ949 said...

Funny! As I read Anze's though, I thought, "ohhhh...how sad"! Poor kid can't do anything about that. I have a picture with him while I was in London. His crop circles were extra dark that night and he didn't smile. He REALLY looked fester-ish! I still love him though!

And, Cammi should be swap costumes between periods. He should come as a canned Ham because that's what his head reminds me of. Actually when he's on the ice I'm usually screaming "Come on Ham"...or "Ham...Shoot it"! I call Lubo cheese, so when Cammi and Lubo are on the same shift, I call them Ham and Cheese.

I know...too much time on my hands!
Take care Ladies!


KMS2 said...

It's a good thing Anze normally does smile otherwise he would look like death.

He should come as a canned Ham because that's what his head reminds me of
WHAT?!? I have no idea what you mean but it might be because I try to avoid canned ham at all costs.

KQ949 said...

kms2, I've sent you an image to help make it clear. :)


Elly said...

Hey now, don't be ragging on Sidney just because he loves him some footie pajamas. :) And as a Pens fan, I love that he still lives with Mario, he is still a young guy, and Mario is just about the best mentor you could ask for.

Besides, I hear his house is to die for. In ground pool? Jacuzzi? Yes please.

KMS2 said...

elly, I actually really like Sidney, it's just that making fun of him is so easy! I'm torn between thinking it's good for him to be living with such a great mentor but on the other hand I think he should live the life of a bachelor or at least live with guys his own age. I haven't heard about Mario's house but I bet it's unbelievable...so yeah, I guess I don't blame Sid for still living there.