Thursday, October 11, 2007

I think Dan Boyle is a Jerk

This entire time I thought it was Brad Richards who is an a-hole, when really it's Dan Boyle. Whatever, they're both Tampa Bay Lightning guys and who can really keep names straight when you have Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis to focus on.

Regardless, here's the article that I thought was about Brad Richards, but is really about Dan Boyle. So yeah, I don't have an opinion of the former but I do think the latter needs a smack across the face. I don't have any problem with guys taking credit when they deserve it or patting their own backs. However, when guys shower themselves with glorious praise, I do think there's a line between looking like a cute jerk and looking like a complete jackass. Dan Boyle even seemed like an a-hole when answering the very first question.

Q: During your college days at Miami Universi:y of Ohio, you were a Hobey Baker finalist, but you still went undrafted. Why?
A: That's a very good question. You tell me, I don't know. Thirty teams, at least 10 rounds. To me, it's amazing that one of the best college players can't get even picked up as a late-round pick. It's ridiculous. It really puzzles me.

A few questions later David Amber, the interviewer, finally asks the question I was begging to ask:

Q: It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder.

Let me interpret that question for those of you still in love with Dan Boyle:
Q: Wow, Dan. You have quite some attitude. I'm surprised you're still physically able to play hockey because I would have thought that with an attitude like yours you would have already gotten your ass handed to you so many times that you would no longer be able to skate.

This is my favorite question and answer:
Q: Why you were left off the All-Star team?

Here's what my answer would have been, especially since if I was in the spotlight I would try my best not to make enemies:
A: David, that's a good question. Even though it would be a tremendous honor to be on the All-Star team I realize that there are a lot of talented players in this league. There are a number of guys that I can name who I think would have been worthy enough to be on the team but for one reason or another weren't.

But nooooo, of course Danny Boy wouldn't say that! He's way too cocky to be expected to maintain a level head and positive public image:
A: My understanding is that we already had two guys from the Lightning in Vinny [Lecavalier] and Marty [St. Louis] and they didn't want to have a third guy, so it is what it is. I looked at the other defensemen who were on that team, and at the time, I was second in scoring by defensemen. I think I should have been there.

Those are the best parts of the interview but definitely check out the rest because I think it's good practice as a female fan to identify the jackasses of the league.


Kirsten said...

Is this for real? Cause I've heard people mocked like this, but I don't know that I really hear a whole lot of people ACTUALLY give those kinds of answers in an interview.

CKim said...

HAHA, omg, what a fucking douchebag!!! Those were some of the worst answers possible. My god, I can't even type, I'm too busy laughing at him.

KMS2 - Yes, he is DEFINITELY peeved that Vinny (hottie) and Marty (cutie) completely overshadow his ass. I'd like to punch him in the taint.

CKim said...

Ok, I spoke too soon, I have just finished reading the actual article. Roll call!!

1) I feel terrible for David Amber for having had to listen to this whiny bullshit.

2) He even LOOKS like a douchebag.

3) Why don't you take some English classes or public speaking classes? The crap that comes out of your mouth could actually be refined so as to not sound so stupid.

4) I'm glad he's not a well-known player because I wouldn't want his ass to be representing the game of hockey.

KMS2 said...

Kirsten: It actually never crossed my mind that he could have been joking around. But I still think he's serious especially since some of the other answers seem genuine (and not quite as vomit-inducing).

ckim: yeah, based on the interview this guy is intolerable.

Kirsten said...

Well then. I suspect this interveiw will alienate a lot of people. Fortunately, he's one of those players that doesn't really need fans, he's a big enough fan of himself for all of us.