Thursday, October 4, 2007

I shall call him "Steve"

According to ESPN's Rumor Central (must be a member to actually view the content):

"Gomez will center the second line between wingers Brendan Shanahan and Steve Avery"

Haha, Steve Avery! From now on, I shall call him "Steve". Doesn't "Steve" sound much more respectable than "Sean"?

Hmm, and what can we expect from this character, Steve Avery? Why, he seems like a dapper young lad. I bet he enjoys fine cigars in his smoking room with a nice Scotch on the rocks. Ah yes, I can see it now, short hair, but long enough so that he can run his fingers through his wavy mane of golden brown locks, while he ogles the cougar at the end of the ritzy hotel bar. As he runs through the surprisingly long list of successful pickup lines, he never wavers while seductively making eye contact with said lady. The corner of his mouth slightly turns up and his eyes twinkle brighter as he realizes what will make this cougar purr like a kitten. He rises effortlessly from the bar stool and--

Stay tuned to find out what happens next in "The Adventures of Steve Avery".

Ok, but seriously, why is ESPN so damn stupid?!


Kirsten said...

Maybe they changed his name to Steve to make Shanny happy. Shanny and Steve Yzerman are good friends, maybe he misses playing on a line with him?

As for ESPN being stupid, I got nothin'. If you figure it out, though, you could probably become very wealthy somehow.

CKim said...

It was a good thing I wasn't consuming any liquid or brushing my teeth or else I would have spat all over the place. haha, Oh ESPN...

Kirsten said...

Fair's fair...I've stopped eating and drinking while reading you guys' blog.