Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Elly over at No Pun Intended wrote about "Hockey and High Heels", an event offered through the Pittsburgh Penguins. She made a good argument that catering an event towards female (would be) fans during which you teach them about the rules of hockey is quite offensive for the females who already are die-hard fans. Would any organization hold a similar event catered towards males? I would be very surprised if such a thing occurred. I agree with Elly's points, all except the one she made about females wearing high heels to games. I am known to wear high-heel boots to games because (a) my feet get cold so I don't want to wear my usual footwear of Reef flip-flops and (b) when everyone stands up to see a fight, big hit, or goal, I can't see because I'm too short!! I need every assistance possible and 3" heels help.

But back to the "Hockey and High Heels" event hosted by the Pittsburg Penguins. I laughed when I read Elly's post because I thought, "what a ridiculous event!" Well,hahaha and laugh at me because today when I browsed the LA Kings website, I noticed that the LA Kings are hosting the exact same event !

Ever wanted to learn more about the sport of hockey, but felt intimidated by all the men in the room? Here is your chance to enjoy hockey with good company and the chance to get on the ice and experience it for yourself!

Even though attendees will learn about hockey through Hockey 101 Chalk Talk, receive a goodie bag including the book Hockey and High Heels and see the author, who is scheduled to make a guest appearance, there are a couple items that I am actually drawn towards including the following:

  • Starting at 2 p.m., enjoy an on-ice Skating Clinic with Kings Alumnus and Radio Color Commentator Daryl Evans (skates provided)
  • Locker Room and STAPLES Center Tour
  • Social hour with wet bar and hors d'oeuvres to bond with your fellow hockey enthusiasts
  • Appearance and Speech by LA Kings President of Business Operations – Luc Robitaille
  • One 200 Level ticket to the Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers game at 7:30 p.m.

I think it's interesting that a 200 level ticket is included in the package as if 300 level tickets are way too ghetto and rowdy for the women that will be attending this event. Upon clicking the link to download the flyer, it is then noted that the price for "Hockey and High Heels" is $100!!! WHAT?! (Additional tickets to the game are $52.) I'm sorry but I find it difficult to believe that a lady who knows so little about hockey will want to pay $100 for this event. I would love to attend this event but (a) There is no way I'm paying $100 for it even if it does include a wet bar and an appearance by Luc and (b) I would probably be a nuisance during the Hockey 101 session by blurting out "Woman, are you kidding me? You don't know what a red line is?"

I actually doubt that ladies who aren't real fans will show up. I also wonder if any men will attend along with their girlfriends/friends/wives; I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I also wonder where the money goes to. The author of the book? KingsCare? Staples Center? The Kings organization? I don't know what to think of this event, but what I do know is that I won't be there. Does it sound like I'm too good for this event? Well, yeah, I am.

Sidenote: After a sucky commute home, I turned on the TV just in time to see Dallas score their fifth goal. Awesome. Thanks, guys!

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CKim said...

Umm, I kinda want to go to this!! Who cares if it's geared toward women who know nothing about hockey?? Go in the locker room? See Lucky? The $152 price is a little steep. If I was going I'd rock out in my heels, Blake jersey, and Kings hat, just like I will be doing this weekend at the game versus Detroit.

But KMS2, if you're not going, there's no way in hell I'm going by myself!

P.S. guys, I don't feel intimidated by all the men in the room. I'd rather they just get the f outta my way.