Tuesday, October 23, 2007

“I Don't Really Like You Today”

It was basically an annihilation of the Preds tonight. 6 unanswered goals in about the most comical game I've seen in a long time. So here are the notable game notes from yours truly.

The Fro – pre-game interview: I realized that I need to get to know my team better. His accent was thicker than I thought it was going to be. Maybe he should just stick to wordlessly smiling.

Sidenote: I forgot to mention this in the last game. The two women singing the national anthem. They were fine, except the woman who was doing the harmonizing should have had her mic turned down cuz she was overpowering the actual singer (annoying). AND, ladies, it's “the bombs” NOT “thbombs.” There is more of a pause between the two words, ok?

First period
1 – Cammy (9): Leading goal scorer of the NHL once again! Assist: Blake!
2 – Lubo (1): That was amazing. Assist: Blake!

The best part about the interview after the first period was when Patrick O'Neal told Cammy that if he netted another goal, he would keep the streak alive of 10 goals in 10 games. To this Cammy said, “I don't really like you today.”

Second period – Gelinas. Seriously, what were you looking at? You didn't see the butt end of the stick approaching your eye at a rapid speed?? I was laughing for so long that my bro had to tell me to stop laughing so we could continue to watch the game. I was secretly laughing for awhile longer after that.

3 – Ivanans?? (1): I know a good dentist. He's really gentle.

Ok Zeiler, I thought you were gonna fuck up that goal for Ivanans. And stop fucking falling down! Didn't we already go over that?

The most memorable part of the second period, the coast-to-coast sloppy playing from both sides. The Kings were on a 3-on-1 charge and the D man sprawled down on the ice and blocked the shot. I shouted, “I can't believe that worked!” Then the Preds come immediately back the other way with a 3-on-1 and the Kings D man lays down to block the shot. To that I say, “I can't believe that worked!”

4 – The Fro (2): I heart you

Second half of the second period: Kings looked sloppy and I thought they were going to start going downhill. But it was a good thing the Preds were sucking worse.

Handzus – You suck the most.

Third period – Jack, where are you? My heart is not whole without you on the ice.

5 – Nagy (1)

Zeiler – It's called “fighting” NOT “making love”

6 – Cammy (10): Keepin the streak alive. I like that Jim Fox (or was it Patrick O'Neal) said after the game that Cammy is now 10 for 10 and is on track for 82.

Game: Kings 6 – Preds Zilch

After game note: When I was driving home after the game, I was listening to Kings radio and this one woman called in. After all her umms and good jobs she asked why the Kings don't come out to center ice and salute the fans like the Rangers do. Ok lady, 1) It's probably because the Rangers started that tradition and it's their thing and 2) The Kings would look pretty homosexual if they just started doing it. So please, why don't you just hang up and call back when you have a real question. Thanks.


Kirsten said...

Woot, like the A's by Blake!

KQ949 said...

Hi. Just found your Blog from reading JJ's website. Great stuff. We thought the same thing when Fro did his pre-game interview. Did you notice he kept looking away when a question was asked with a shit-eating grin on his face? I couldn't tell if he was looking at a "hockey whore" on the glass or if he was looking away so he could concentrate on the question being asked! I thought it was hilarious. Also, we may rag on Zeiler for his "make love" move, but that lil guy can hit! Nobody else doing much of that right now! ~KQ

CKim said...

Hey, glad you were able to make your way over here! I DID notice that Fro kept looking away. I'm thinking he was probably concentrating on his English. =) And Yes, Zeiler can hit, but I'd put my chips down on Brownie in that department.

KMS2 said...

kq, thanks for stopping by! But I do have to disagree with your analysis of Zeiler...no Zeiler-love is allowed on this blog (you hear that ckim!?). He may be able to throw a hit or two but other than that he can't do shit! And I agree with ckim, I'd rather see Brownie throw those hits. Although I think I like Brownie more just because he looks and sounds like he's 12 but then he just destroys guys with checks. I bet he says to them, "yeah, I look like your son's age, so what? I just kicked your ass"

CKim said...

hahah. It's true, there's no love for Zeiler on this site.

And I bet the guy who gets owned by Brownie thinks, "Man, that was biggest fucking 12-year-old I've ever seen!"

KQ949 said...

I promise that's the only Zeiler "props" I'll give for now. I'm with you, I'm more of a JMFJ fan.

I'm glad your boy Brownie finally woke up from his "nappy poo" and is starting to hit again! It has lead to some great opportunities in the offensive zone!

I'm in South OC and would love to say "Hi" sometime at a game!


CKim said...

Well, we're going to be at the game tomorrow against the Oilers. We'll be somewhere in the 200 section. It's all very vague since we're doing the Hockey and High Heels thing....

KQ949 said...

We're in 113 row 10 sets 5&6. Stop by and say Hi if you would like! :)

I wasn't sure if my husband was going to go to this game. He's an LA County Fireman (Captain) and has been working the fires all week. He finally gets to come home tomorrow. He'll enjoy getting to go to the game!

Hope everyone was safe this last week.