Monday, October 15, 2007

Poor Baby Bernier

Aubin is off IR and Bernier was sent down to Juniors. Seeing how poorly the Kings have been playing it was probably the best decision for him career-wise. Poor kid. Poor Baby Bernier.

Little kittens around the world are crying now that Bernier is no longer in a Kings jersey. Damn you, Kings for making him look like crap.

Bernier, best wishes to you. We patiently and eagerly await your return.

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CKim said...


I feel like someone has wrenched my heart out of my chest...I don't even know what to say. I'm gonna crawl into bed now...

KMS2 said...

Yeah, I'm really sad about this! I really liked him and I'm pissed that the Kings just left him out to die. I guess I just really, really wanted him to succeed and I did think he was capable of doing it. Oh well...I keep telling myself it's for the better.

Finny said...

damn i wanted to see him tonight. bugger.

as i said, i'll be in attendance at tonight's game. are you?!... if you're going, you and i should totally say hi -hlogger mini conven- ahhaha but uhh seeing as I have to leave in 5 minutes, i don't think you'll have my cellie in time. maybe i can try to email it to you ahahah... anyway. maybe one day we can meet up and do a kings/ducks showdown (prior to a kings/ducks game)... ooh funness.

KMS2 said...

Awww, no, not going tonight! The word is that the new guy, Aubin, will be playing.

We should do an HLOGer Kings/Ducks game, that could be fun!