Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Les Boys

I'm currently watching "Les Boys".

I read the Netflix reviews before I added it to my queue and everyone commented about how horrible the dubbing is. I thought, "Dubbing? Isn't that normally reserved for old Asian Kung-Fu movies?" I didn't think it could possibly be that bad.

It is.

The IMDB plot summary of "Les Boys" is as follows:

"Ever wanted to know what guys say when they get together? This light- hearted comedy explores the male world through an amateur hockey team. Every male stereotype is analyzed, comically of course."

I took this plot summary as meaning that it's about a youth (teenage/high school kids) hockey team and the funny stuff that they do. Boy was I wrong. The movie is about a young-older adult hockey team in a blue-collar town. Someone owes someone else a lot of money. Someone else was a real estate agent and was doing a horrific job at trying to sell a condo to a young couple. Another guy blew his wife off to watch hockey when all she wanted was little sex! There are so many subplots and I have no idea what's going on and how everyone in the movie is related. However, I'm also not really paying that much attention to it, but it's probably because I can't get past the horrible dubbing. Too bad I never stuck with the French I learned in high school because I wish I could watch this movie without the dubbing because there is no way the actors are as bad as the voice over "actors".

I want to turn this movie off but then that means I just wasted a Netflix rental. Oh it's just so bad. Has anyone seen this movie in its original language? Please tell me what it's like without the dubbing. I'm maybe a quarter through the movie, but I can't take it anymore. Stop. Eject. It's going back in the mail tomorrow.


CKim said...

ok, first's called "Les Boys." That didn't tip you off? I mean, ok it's a French film. But really..."Les Boys???"

CKim said...

ok, so I just checked out the Netflix page on this movie... did the movie poster not tip you off either?? hahaha

man, that's hilarious. And what's behind the movie title? Is that a puck on its side? nice. But I like that you opened your horizons to the world of off-color films. The Boy In Blue is an 80s rowing movie with Nicholas Cage...classic.

Kirsten said...

It's not any better in the original French.

KMS2 said...

I knew it was originally in French and I guess I thought it was about younger kids because the title is "boys".

CKim...I don't know what I was thinking. I read somewhere that people thought it was good. I'd rank this movie below Sudden Death so it's pretty bad.

Oh well, Kirsten thanks for the heads up.