Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Favorite KingsCast So far...

I think going back to KMS2's previous posts will give me the opportunity to write about more stuff. For this post I will review my own favorites of the KingsCast podcasts to date. Affectionately put, “the podcast FOR LA Kings fans BY LA Kings fans.” The thing I most appreciate about this podcast are the quick and witty slap-in-your-face kind of comments these guys throw out there. I especially enjoy the ones that make me pause and think, “wow, he really just said that.” For example:

“Maybe I would appreciate a good loss if we WON some more.”

Plain, simple, and to the point. Little bit of a burn,'s true. I couldn't help laughing then; it has since become a sound byte and I laugh every single time. I also love the sound clips they get from people who are a part of the organization. My favorite so far:

“Hi, this is Jim Fox and you're listening to Kings!...whatever it is.”

hahahah, I don't know how long I was laughing for, but I definitely had to hit the rewind button on my iTunes when I regained my composure. It was hilarious how exuberant Fox sounded at the beginning, but then the complete drop off of enthusiasm at the end was the kicker. I love a good laugh and appreciate getting this type of insight from two drunken Kings fans.

KMS2 and I appreciate their insight and we hope they appreciate ours as well. Rock on.


Keith said...

You know, I had to pay Jim Fox $1 to get that quote at Tip-A-King last year. And, yes, we do appreciate your insight as well!! PS, we posted the first round of pics from the event on our MySpace. See you Saturday!

KingsCast Hockey Podcast said...

Shit, wrong get the picture!

KMS2 said...

That quote is pretty funny.

Have fun at the game...hell, have fun just watching it because I'll be out of town.

CKim said...

I will be watching the game from my bro's couch. =( That sounds awesome with everything that's planned. I hope you guys have a rockin time! We'll catch you guys at another game tho.

CKim said...

Actually, I'm going to be missing this game COMPLETELY. ARGHHHHH!!