Friday, October 19, 2007

A Game Full of Firsts

Congrats to John Joseph Louis Johnson the Third on his first NHL goal! It was a pretty sweet goal, too; great pass by Calder and excellent one-timer by JMFJ (if he had shot that wide I would have fucking disowned him). Once the highlight becomes available I'll post it here. Update: Here's the goal highlight:

As a whole, I thought the Kings played very well. La Barbera was in net and made some key saves in the third period to secure his first win of the season. After Crow started Aubin the past two games, I was a bit worried that either La Barbera had some small injury or he was really sucking in practice. Nevertheless, I thought he looked sharp and neither goal he let in was soft. The first goal was off a rebound and the second was a rocket from the slot that placed the puck perfectly upper V. And to prove that the high glove side isn't a weakness he gloved Pyatt's shot just minutes later.

Frolov's goal was amazing, mainly due to Lubi's fake shot which froze Luongo so that Fro could easily place the pass into an open net. In fact, Lubi completely faked me out as well since I initially thought he was the one who scored. As he wound up to take the shot I thought "Oh man, I would poop my pants if I was goalie and Lubi was about to take a slap shot on me from that close in." Oh, and did you know that Cammy is now leading the NHL in goals? What?! How much are we paying this guy?? When I first found out that Cammy allegedly asked for upwards of $6 mil/season I thought he was nuts. Now, I'm thinking we're getting a huge bargain! I know it's early, the season's long, and anything can happen, but my goodness...Cammy is a stud right now.

Another first that happened tonight was me seeing for the first time a goal automatically being awarded. With Luongo pulled, Brownie had a breakaway and was tripped up from behind. As he was falling down he tried to score the empty netter but came up short. Since the goalie was pulled, instead of a penalty shot being awarded, a goal was awarded, thus, guaranteeing the win for the Kings. I don't think I have ever seen that happen before tonight. The rule makes sense and the empty net/awarded goal allowed me to finally breathe.

Great game, Kings! Now if they can just keep up this kind of play. Seriously, it would be nice to string together a couple wins. Right now, I'm just asking for two. That's it guys, two wins in a row. Please?


CKim said...

Damn, I probably should have benched Luongo tonight... .813 save percentage. haha

Rinslet said...

Haha.. I love JMFJ's real name. *heart* XDDD It has like.. 2 of my favorite names (Joseph and Louis XD) and lol.. how did John turn in Jack??????????? XD

So happy he scored his first goal :D against us.

(focusing on happy things only :D :DDDDDDDDDD)

KMS2 said...

Rinslet, you're too funny! I knew you'd be happy to see him score. I've heard that names like 'John James' or 'John Joseph' usually just get turned into the nickname 'Jack'. I don't really get it but ok...