Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Losing Streak Ended!

Finally!! The Kings broke their terrible losing streak giving them two much-needed points while killing the Wild's GAA numbers. It is no longer .808 or whatever the hell it was. Thank GOD. I don't know what I would have done if they had lost again. And FINALLY. Some order in their play. Their lines looked tighter and more in sync than on Sunday, in which they basically looked like a disaster. And they FINALLY took back the neutral zone. I don't think I could have handled them getting shut down there anymore. I much appreciated the feistiness that they brought back that was missed from their first game in London. The control with urgency was there. I'm a happy panda.

I like lists too and since I'm so happy with the win, it'll be easier to list than to try to make coherent sentences because I've also been up since 4AM. It is currently 11:34PM, and I need to be in bed.

1) Thornton's goal – Nice top shelf action. Much appreciated from my couch.

2) Overtime - I honestly can't believe the Kings didn't score during these 5 minutes because they were basically on the PP for the whole freaking time! Let me just say WOW. But I'm not going to bag on their efforts. There was a lot of hustle.

3) Shootout – I LOVE SHOOTOUTS. They're amazingly effective at getting me more nervous than when I'm at the start line of my own races. Uno: Brownie: Solid goal, what more can you ask. Dos: Cammy: Sweet ass snap. Tres: Anze: REDICULOUS fake out!!! Like KMS2, I thought it didn't go in either. But when replayed, it was the sickest goal ever. I can just imagine Backstrom thinking, “OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” HIGHLIGHT REEL!! And I loved that Anze was so happy during his interview right after the game-ending goal. He was all smiles, which added to my high of the Kings finally winning. SATISFACTION.

4) Aubin – I was so nervous during all of the pre-game activities; I didn't like not knowing, which is to be expected with Kings goaltending. But I was impressed. Especially in the second period where he looked like he was out of position and he turned and snatched the puck out of the air with his glove. My heart literally stopped. So now he has his first win in his first Kings appearance. Who will be the #1 goaltender? Thoughts?

5) Handzus. What are you doing out there? You look like a chicken with both legs cut off.

6) Zeiler. So much smaller than Handzus, but so much more effective. KMS2, any thoughts? =)

P.S. Aubin, it's time to take that maple leaf off your helmet, thanks.


KMS2 said...

Zeiler. So much smaller than Handzus, but so much more effective

That's it, we're no longer speaking! Zeiler???!! The kid played 4:12 last night and I distinctly remember during one of his shifts that his line was playing so poorly I yelled, "get that line off the fucking ice before I have a heart attack!" I thought he played worse than usual last night. I agree that Handzus hasn't done much but I have waaaay more confidence in Handzie being on the ice than Zeiler.

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CKim said...

hahaha, good times.