Monday, December 3, 2007

Ahhhh, Garon...

As the clock ticked down during overtime I knew we were in trouble if we didn't end it soon. Two seasons ago the Kings dominated the shootout with Fro and Pavol "Mr. Automatic" Demitra scoring on almost every attempt. In goal would be Garon or LaBarbera but I was always more confident with Garon in net. As soon as the shooter touches the puck he pushes out to meet the shooter. He comes out well past the crease and slowly skates backwards, eye on the shooter and puck, rarely committing to a deke. He's always focused and his flexibility allows him to cover the ice from post to post in case the shooter pulls a move on him.

I had a feeling that Crow would go with the usual three: Cammy, Kopi, and Brownie. I felt that he should have replaced Cammy with O'Sullivan, who hit the post in OT, because O'Sullivan hardly played with Garon last season. After starting slow with the team, he spent most of the remainder of the season in Manchester. Not only was I worried about facing Garon in the shootout because he's good in the SO, but also because he knows the Kings. Cammy and Brownie have really come into their own these past few seasons, with Garon as their teammate. Garon was also around for Kopi's rookie season, when he wasn't on IR, and I thought it would have been good to have a shooter Garon isn't familiar with.

Alas, Cammy hit the post and I still can't believe the puck managed to stay out of the goal. Brownie's attempt wasn't even on net and Kopi just couldn't get Garon to open up or over commit.

I'll take the point, but in order to stay competitive for a playoff spot we're going to have to start notching wins. C'mon boys, you have the potential, just get it together and win.

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