Monday, December 17, 2007

Kings v. Avs: Live Notes and Other Stuff

Game Notes:
We get our number one goaltender back and suddenly the rest of the team decides they can play like shit. What did we witness in the first period? Giveaways, inability to clear the zone, inability to clear the front of the net, lack of chemistry, piss poor power play and penalty kill, John Zeiler aimlessly running into the opposition (I swear, does he even know hockey involves a puck?), guys being too soft on the puck, and poor Barbs making every attempt to prevent a blowout (how many point blank shots did he face??). The fans rightfully booed the Kings at the end of the first period.

Ok, ok, there were a couple positives from the first period. Kings players did throw their bodies around and they had at least one good cycle down low.

The guys came out during the second and as I write this they look significantly better. Maybe the guys finally figured out what the hell Crow was talking about.

9:32 PM: Handzus just scored a shorthanded goal to bring the Kings to just one goal down! Patty had the breakout pass and Handzus buried the 2-on-1 opportunity! The crowd is definitely getting into the game.

9:38 PM: Kings killed off Jack's penalty (elbowing my ass) and tempers are know who needs to get into a fight? Thornton and Laperriere. Now that would be a match to see.

9:45 PM: Oooooh, sit down, SON!!! Barbs just kept the Kings in the game.

9:53 PM: Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk. With the goalie pulled, Kopi turned the puck over at the red line and Colorado scored an empty-netter.

9:54 PM: With just seconds left in the game I think it's safe to say that the game is over. LaBarbera gave the Kings every chance to win this game. The team that turned up in the third period was drastically different from the team that started the game. It's amazing how well the team can play with a solid netminder and some damn intensity and chemistry. The Kings made a solid effort to tie the game but their effort came too late in the game. Washington secured a point tonight with a shootout loss so we're back to holding down the fort by ourselves. I like to think we're keeping the foundation strong... :P

Other Stuff:
  • FSN just showed a video/commercial promoting the Kings on the All-Star Ballot. Lubo's bit was absolutely adorable and I'm trying to find the clip...once I find it I'll provide a link.
    UPDATE: Found the video on YouTube:

    Awww....isn't Lubo adorable!!! VOTE FOR LUBO!
  • Every time I hear Bob Miller say Cumiskey, I think he's saying Konishiki. They're such different people but it keeps throwing me off

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