Thursday, December 6, 2007

Game Recap: Kings v. Sabres

What a game! I was a bit late in turning on the game and was pleasantly surprised to find the Kings ahead 2-0 early in the first period. I can't even remember who scored in the game so I'll need the assistance of the boxscore. Kings goals came from Cammalleri, Brownie (2), Preissing (2!), Modry (first goal in 83 games!), Handzus (first since his only goal of the season that came in Game 1), and Armstrong (first of the season). Kopitar didn't have a goal but did notch 4 assists! The Kings had 4 PPGs and 1 SHG. Brownie did most of the work on the SHG but it was Handzus who was able to tap it in.

I couldn't believe we were up 7-0 at just past the midway point of the game. Seriously, we've only managed to get 2 goals against Phoenix in 3 games yet we can score 7 goals against Buffalo in just over 30 minutes of play. Considering we lost to Buffalo 10-1 the last time we played them (during the '05-'06 season) it was refreshing to see the roles reversed this time around. Part of me kept thinking we better win this game or else we'll never hear the end of it. Lately we've had some problems holding onto leads so I was worried that we might have a meltdown late in the game.

Through the first two periods it really looked like nothing was going right for Buffalo. T-Bo looked atrocious, but yet the guys in front of him just were not playing well at all. Both teams played last night and lost their respective games, yet the Kings had a lot of energy and the Sabres struggled with the forecheck and looked downright sluggish. It also probably didn't help the Sabres that the Kings were playing a physical game and the Sabres retaliated several times.

There were a lot of positives in this game. The Kings got scoring from multiple players and several had a multi-point game. The power play looked sharp and the penalty killers were very aggressive. This was a game where most of the time we could play the puck out of the zone on a PK instead of just dumping it out. Jonathan Quick played tonight's game and was tested early in the first period on a 1-on-3. He made a fantastic glove save on the play when (I think) the Kings were still only up by 2 or 3. The save was huge because it didn't allow the Sabres to get any momentum. Quick played a strong game, but he wasn't tested that much.

Of course, not every game will turn out this way. Tonight the Kings finally played a solid 60 minutes during which they played physical, were smart, and finally held onto a lead. The real test will be how the Kings play against Phoenix on Saturday. The Kings have lost all three games against Phoenix this season and hopefully tonight's win will spark some confidence in the guys.


CKim said...

I honestly can't believe in the ass-whooping the Sabres received. I can't believe MODRY AND HANDZUS BOTH SCORED. When I heard that Modry scored, I knew it was in the bag. I wish I could have seen it, but listening to it was ridiculous.

Did I hear Nick Nickson correctly when he said JJ was behind the offensive net? Was he in the in fray??

Kirsten said...

Holy Ass Kicking, Batman! I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I opened my TSN email the other day. Wow. Way to go team!

PS: some friends and I are planning a trip to LA possibly for spring break (if I don't bail and go home/have to row)...if I make it to LA, we should catch a game.

KMS2 said...

ckim: Jack did get an assist on one of the first two goals. I didn't see those goals so I can't say that he was behind the offensive net, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was.

kirsten: we should definitely catch a game!

CKim said...

Kirsten - If you're not rowing two-a-days and can come out here, we should go! That'd be ridiculous.

KMS2 - I hope JJ pulls off something equally awesome tonight!

KingsCast Hockey Podcast said...

Quick had some good flashes of talent but he was out of position on quite a few plays. Buffalo was just terrible otherwise they would have been goals. What an amazing game, though! I love a good New York style pig-fuck.

KMS2 said...

ckim: I've been waiting since April for Jack to light up the scoreboard.

kingscast: Quick is damn lucky he saved that 1-on-3 or else the outcome could have been switched. It'll be interesting to see how he does in future games.

Kirsten said...

During spring break last year it was a regatta, one day off, then three a days for four days, then one day of two a day, then a regatta. I will totally come down if I can. It would be a blast. You guys can teach me all about the Kings, a team I still remain fairly ignorant about.

Silencer76 said...

The strange thing about the dichotomy of the NHL...Buffalo loses to the Kings 7-1 then goes to San Jose and take out Thornton and the Sharks by the same score.

Meanwhile, the Kings have a chance to ride some momentum, and fall flat...the league is too geared for parity now.

KMS2 said...

Kirsten: where's your regatta?

Silencer: We actually beat Buffalo 8-2. The funny thing is that so far into the season the Sharks have shutout PHX in each of their three games, we've beat SJ 3 of the 4 meetings, yet we haven't beaten PHX once in four meetings.

Kirsten said...

Not sure where it will be this year, but probably in Portland. I will be in Sacramento at the beginning of May, but that's probably as close to you guys as I will get regatta wise.

Silencer76 said...

Right, I forgot they actually played the third period of that game. I saw the score and went to bed chuckling.

I have to wonder if after nearly a decade, if Lindy Ruff is starting to lose the team. They seem to lack the veteran leadership and presence to keep the team focused.