Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've purchased my ticket...

for the "Fire Marc Crawford" train.

Is it just me or has he aged about 5 years in the past month? I don't think it helped his cause that he got a haircut that now shows his glaring grey head of hair.
The Kings took so many penalties last night, 9 penalties for 18 PIM. Sure Minny had the same amount of penalties and each team had their fair chance at the power play but the Kings just could not get anything started.

I went home to visit my parents and made them watch the Kings game. By the time the Kings were down by 2 I could feel my eyes drooping. They were getting a decent amount of shots on goal but at no point did I feel like the game was going to turn around and the Kings were going to tie the score or at least cycle the puck down low and apply pressure. This game was so boring and frustrating that I actually fell asleep in the second period. By the time I woke up my dad had stolen the remote and was watching Numbers. Since I did not have a good feeling about what I had witnessed I didn't even bother to ask him to check the score.

These games are becoming ever more frustrating. Every shot of Crawford had him with this "Is the game over yet?" look on his face. Sometimes he looked lost as if he didn't even know what to do to get the Kings back on track. He didn't even have any fire in him. When I played soccer I didn't exactly love it when my coach was screaming every single second calling out every mistake we made. However, I did appreciate it when the coach got fired up and tried to envoke some reason for us to play. We need a change to get this team turned around. With the season not quite halfway over and the team 8 points behind the 8th spot in the West, a change now could have an impact. I don't know who would replace Crow but I think he needs to go...stat.

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