Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa's Gifts for the Kings

The sneaky kidlets at Purple Crushed Velvet stayed up past midnight and caught Santa by surprise. While one offered him cookies and the other dazzled him with Christmas carols, the third one stole his List. He quickly scanned The List and found the section for the LA Kings. Here's a rundown of what Santa gave to some of our dear players:

J.S. Aubin: Personal lessons with the other JS

Rob Blake: A trio of stress balls

Dustin Brown: A gift card to Borders so he can find the best book that will prepare him for puberty.

Kyle Calder: A razor so he can just shave his head already!

Kevin Dallman: A copy of Bring it On so he can learn how to be a fantastic cheerleader

Jeff Guiliano: A gift card to a comic store so he can buy a replica of himself

Michal Handzus: A gift card to a wig store so he can buy a curly mullet wig, which will hopefully remind him of why he should grow his hair

Anze Kopitar: Hylexin may be expensive but I hear it works wonders

Ladislav Nagy: A pass to become the next contestant on Criss Angel's Mindfreak where he can show everyone how he becomes invisible

Patrick O'Sullivan: An all expenses paid visit to the dentist where he can get a new fake tooth

Brad Stuart: A private consultation with Frederic Fekkai

John Zeiler: A one-week Hockey 101 camp where he can learn the basics of hockey, such as, that there's actually a puck involved in the sport.


CKim said...

haha, I KNEW that was under-eye cream before I clicked on it.

Sully needs 5 fake teeth!

Dallman's gonna be an awesome cheerleader since he broke his foot. Whoop-de-doo.

Kirsten said...

Looks like Santa finally brought Rob Blake a goal that didn't get waved off!