Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Thank Goodness!

According to Yahoo! Sports and the LA Times, LaBarbera will play tonight against Colorado. The comments in the Yahoo! article are funny because the first guy says "Nice, looking forward to the Avs shooting his lights out again..." and the second guy says, "You mean spearing him again, of course, Mr. Cheap Shot."

I fully expect the Kings to take some cheap shots at Smyth. In fact, I wouldn't surprised if Mr. 10-min Misconduct gets himself another one. Who would have thunk it that his 62 PIM would lead the team at this point. At this point two seasons ago, if I counted correctly, Avery had 118 PIM. What a difference a player makes.

With a win tonight the Kings could tie Washington for last place overall. Of course, Washington would have to lose to Detroit tonight but that's a given, right? I mean if Detroit can't beat Washington then they don't deserve to be first.


CKim said...

Damn, 62 penalty minutes. That's a weird-looking stat next to his name... and what's even more amazing is that since he's been in the NHL (since 1988) he's NEVER been ejected from a game. Ever.

KMS2 said...

ckim: I still think Blake shouldn't have been thrown out of the game. That was utter carnival trash.