Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Charter Cable...Are You There?

My cable better be working tomorrow night or I am going to fucking lose my shit if I can't watch my Kings because Charter can't get their goddamn crap together.

At the end of the unproductive conversation with the Charter lady, she asked if I would like for her to go over my services to which I responded, "Only if you can give me a discount because I'm this close to changing cable companies." She gave me a two day credit. Fucking carnival trash!!!

Oh and P.S., having to "speak" with the troubleshooter computer was absolutely asinine because, "Hey, guess what Charter computers, I already turned on my TV, so thank you for that helpful tip!"


Teebz said...

Nothing like customer service, eh? :o)

Finny said...

oh hunnnn... :( cable co's are never happy ppl.

KMS2 said...

Teebz/Finny: thanks for the support...I was so close to throwing my phone across the room.