Friday, December 28, 2007

List of Thoughts

This post a bit delayed but since there isn't a game tonight I figured I could still squeeze it in. So I witnessed the Kings lose their 8th in a row. It was quite heartbreaking but here's a list of the Good, Bad, and Ugly from the Dec 26th game.

The Good
  • It was the 2nd annual "kms2's Family Hockey Night". Last year the fam watched the Kings defeat Phoenix in a shootout but this year we weren't so lucky. Going to a game with the family brings me back to my childhood when we would go to games, maybe once or twice a season;
  • My dad's a sports fan and likes the Kings but he did plug his ears whenever the music got too loud. Even my mom thought he was being kind of weak;
  • The only Kings player my mom recognized was Rob Blake. "Rob Blake is still playing? Isn't he old? Is he still good?" she asked us before the game. My brother and I just laughed...if you knew my mom you would know why that's funny.

The Bad
  • LaBarbera was pulled fairly early in the first period. I honestly didn't think it was his fault that we were down by 2 but I guess sometimes you just have to send a message. As Aubin switched places with Barbs I said to my dad, "Can we switch coaches, too?"
  • It didn't take long before my dad noted that the Kings are really good at having control of the puck in our end with no other players around them and then immediately giving the other team an opportune scoring chance. "Yes, Dad. We have honed that skill quite well this season."
  • When the Kings had a chance to tie the game and take the lead during the 5-minute major and then couldn't muster up anything, my mom said, "Wow, the Kings are really bad." My brother just smiled but I said, "I know, Mom. I get to watch this every other day."
  • I found out my brother likes John Zeiler. Hmph, I don't think we're related anymore.

The Ugly

  • Brad Stuart looked horrible throughout most of the game. He had two unbelievable turnovers, one which our goalie thankfully saved, and the other which allowed SJ to remain in our end and eventually score;
  • The MOST OBNOXIOUS Sharks fans were in attendance and completely ruined the atmosphere in Staples Center. I couldn't believe how utterly disrespectful this group was. There was maybe about 10 guys all in a box, probably getting wasted, and for almost the entire game continuously shouted shit like, "Let's Go Sharks!" "Kings Suck!" "Thank you for coming!" "The game's over! You can leave!" (because the Sharks were ahead). They were absolutely relentless and would not stop. Well, ok they were quiet during the first intermission and for maybe 5 minutes into the second period, only because they lost track of time while blowing each other. To make matters worse they were in a luxury box so we couldn't even argue with them fairly or start some shit. What kind of people do stuff like that? And of course, they were in a box just above my section so we could hear them loud and clear. The people in my section and the neighboring sections were so fed up with them about 2 minutes into the game but what were we supposed to do?? What would you do?? Everyone just tried to ignore them for most of the game but when the third period rolled around and we got behind 3-1 and the guys started shouting, "The game's over!" finally some fans started shouting back, "Then why don't you leave!?" When a couple Kings fans left the game early they gave the SJ group the double barrelled salute. One Kings fan tried to lead a cheer of "Does anyone know the way to San Jose? Just the follow the smell of cow shit." It's bad enough when you go to a game and find a fan for the road team sitting next to you, but to have a group of them sitting in a box taunting you and your team?? Utter carnival trash. And what are you supposed to do when the obnoxious group is in a box? No beer throwing can occur because they have the easier pushing or shoving will happen...I'm all for booing certain players or the road team, but causing such a scene when you go into the home team's arena?? It was absolutely classless and disrespectful. The San Jose Sharks are now my least favorite team and have fans that I hate the most.

In other news...
This afternoon ckim texted me fabulous news that John Zeiler has been sent down to Manchester. Rich and Matt over at Inside the Kings posted the news. There's a long explanation of why the move was made, including Crow saying:

"We’ve been really pleased with the energy he’s given us and the hits that he’s given us, but it pretty much stops there. And there’s more of a player there in John Zeiler that we believe he’s got to continue to develop"

ckim and I are trying to guess who is going to be brought up. I think Boyle deserves a shot but ckim noted that DL doesn't like to rush prospects. True. She thinks Klemm will most likely be moved which is probably correct but I don't think he can bring the skill we need. I asked her what trades she thinks are possible but, of course, neither of us can even attempt to make a guess. What is going on with the team? Blerg.


KingsCast Hockey Podcast said...

Boyle is back to playing defense so he won't be called up. Klemm is the most likely option as he can play both forward and defense. I would like to see Moulson again though.

KMS2 said...

yeah...but Boyle could replace Dallman. Although, I guess I can't really remember if Dallman was used more as a forward or defenseman. Moulson played pretty well with Frolov, so yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing him back.

CKim said...

The only Kings player my mom recognized was Rob Blake. "Rob Blake is still playing? Isn't he old? Is he still good?" she asked us before the game.

I love your mom; she's hilarious!

I found out my brother likes John Zeiler. Hmph, I don't think we're related anymore.


The San Jose Sharks are now my least favorite team and have fans that I hate the most.

I'm glad SOMEONE ELSE finally noticed this!

I'm not saying that I WANT Klemm brought up, but he seems the most logical choice. I think you all know how I feel about Moulson. =)

Spree said...

Zeiler got sent back down?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

He's the ONLY one on the entire Kings roster (save Dustin Brown) who skates with any kind of intensity. He's like the LA Kings' version of Rudy. Watch Zeiler when he comes off the bench - he's looking for blood. Everyone else just glides off the bench as if they're not sure how to skate.

That's why I love Zeiler. He's a poor man's Avery, bringing a much-needed spark to a zombie-like squad.

Kirsten said...

At least your dad sort of knows stuff about hockey. My dad is from Wisconsin, and is about as ignorant as they come about hockey, even after living in Minnesota for the last 25 years. His only sport is the NFL. (He's a Packers fan, makes me want to shoot him on occasion.)

I agree, Sharks fans are douchey.

KMS2 said...

ckim: Yep, Klemm was brought up. He is the most logical choice; the player less likely to get broken by the Kings.

Hermano: Zeiler may have energy, but he can't fight (or maybe just won't), can't shoot, can't pass, can't score, etc. Hopefully he'll develop the rest of those skills while he's with Manchester....I miss Avery. I think we're his only fans.

Kirsten: My dad knows a lot about most sports...although I'm not quite sure when he first got into hockey. He lived in Boston for a couple years so he may have been a Bruins fan before he became a Kings fan. But I remember him talking about listening to the Miracle on Manchester game so he's followed the Kings for quite some time, although he's not quite as intense about it as I am. I don't know what I would do if he was a Ducks fan...

CKim said...

Klemm!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I foresee 9 in a row on Saturday...

Kirsten said...

You'd probably have to look for someone to adopt you if he were a Ducks fan. EW.