Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Break

I can't believe my Kings actually won a game! The outcome looked dreary through the first two periods. The whole game was pretty slow and uneventful. Raitis Ivanans finally got into a fight but the Avs player must have taken lessons from George Parros because he could barely stand up. It's good to know that Ivanans is capable of fighting again because I've definitely missed that aspect from the Kings.

In the third period when the score was still 1-nil, Bob Miller said something along the lines of "Theodore is working on a shutout." A little while later the Kings broke that shutout and Miller excitedly said, "The shutout jinx worked!" Once Armstrong got the Kings on the board the whole team had a little extra step in them. I figured we would probably send the game into overtime but Thornton broke the tie and the Kings were able to hold on and secure the win with an empty-netter by Kopitar. Lately I haven't been that impressed with Kopi's play so it was encouraging to see him get a goal even if it was an empty-netter. Three different lines scored so Crawford must have wet his pants with excitement.

Now the Kings have two consecutive games against Chicago. The last meeting with Chicago was quite dreadful but maybe yesterday's win will spark some confidence in the Kings.

My DVR is set to record the Winter Classic but there's a slight chance I may be able to watch it live. I still don't understand why some hockey analysts think this game is a travesty. But then again, I guess if there's a blizzard it will be a disaster.

Purple Crushed Velvet will be on a New Year's Break hiatus till around Jan 2nd or 3rd. Everyone have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and Day.


Kirsten said...

I was just about to come and say, the Kings won! I watched the end of the game, and I could practicall hear the sighs of relief.

Kirsten said...

OMG, did you see? Last night's Kings game was AMAZING! I was jumping up and down with glee, because I, being a good Minnesotan, do not like any Chicago sports teams. Not even a little bit. Go Kings!