Monday, December 10, 2007

Kings Beat Vancouver!

I could care less if my prediction was wrong because it feels soooooooo good to get a win! A lot of good things happened for the Kings in this game.
  • They played tough and had energy for the entire game;
  • They stood up for Kopi when he got hit (even everyone's favorite itty-bitty Cammy got in the scrum);
  • The power play converted on a 5-on-3...way to make 'em pay Kings!!!
  • Aubin had some pretty damn good saves to keep the Kings ahead;
  • Guys who weren't on the top line had great games - Handzus and Patty were strong on the PK, Calder was a freaking machine down low, and Army had multiple chances and finally got a well deserved goal;
  • The PK unit killed off back-to-back penalties (including an 8 sec 2-man advantage) when the Kings were up 3-1 and could have easily squandered another lead;
  • Even though Jack only notched one point (an assist) he still had a huge game and started the play that led to Kopi's goal;
  • Army had such a great speech/interview after being named the first star of the game, as he thanked the fans for being so great and supportive, and
  • Blake received another 10-minute misconduct for the second consecutive game. Damn, Blake, you're getting feisty in your old age!

Next up: Chicago.


Kirsten said...

HOORAY! Where did Luongo go? Courtney and I were having all kinds of fun speculating.

I always thought Rob Blake was not the feisty, excessive penalty taking type.

KMS2 said...

I missed the pre-game show and the first couple minutes so at first I thought Vancouver was resting him and thought they could play and win with Sanford against the Kings. But later I found out that Luongo left the warm-up with an injury and I read today that he's been injured for some time and they're not sure how long he'll sit out. This could be interesting...

Yeah, Rob Blake has been crazy lately! We were joking around that maybe he's been juicing 'cause all of a sudden he's letting out all this rage!

Kirsten said...

I heard the Minnesota broke Lunogo at the beginning of the month. Made me happy. We broke Pronger last year, too.

Clearly he's been having some wild birthday parties or something. Damn.

Finny said...

there are few things in hockey that burn my backside more than having the kings beat a team we lose to... *sigh*