Friday, December 28, 2007

Jersey Casualty

I think this story is hilarious but mainly because it didn't happen to me.

A couple years ago my brother bought a Kelly Hrudey jersey off ebay. He got a pretty good deal on it (I think under $50) and it was in fairly good condition. The only fault I could find with it was that it had some stains on the front of it. Since the jersey is white the stains were sort of noticeable if you looked closely at it but nothing too distracting.

A couple months ago my brother left his car at my parent's house. For some reason my mom was digging through his trunk and found his jersey. Not quite sure why he would just leave it in the trunk considering he's somewhat of a neat freak. My mom noticed the stains and decided to be a nice mom and try to get the stains out. She washed the jersey as directed on the label, put it in the dryer for a while and then hung it out to dry outside. Well...the numbers didn't hold up too well and below is the final product of the cleaning process.

Jersey Casualty

My poor mom was just trying to be nice but when I saw it I about died. I howled with laughter and almost started crying because I thought it was all too funny. She wasn't and still isn't sure about what to do with the numbers. First she thought maybe they should be sewn on but realized that was not the original look of the jersey. I think super glue came across her mind but she never took action. Lucky for her my brother took the news well...probably because the jersey didn't cost him too much or maybe because he recently became the owner of a brand new Luc Robitaille signed jersey. The Hrudey jersey is still sitting in my parents' house patiently waiting to be repaired. Does anyone have any thought on how the damage should be mended?


CKim said...

OH...MY...GOD. I think I just peed my pants.

Teebz said...

If it's just a heat-press number, it can be taken to any sports store that makes jerseys, and they can re-press them with their press machine.
If it needs to be sewn back on, any tailor can z-stitch them back on for a few dollars.

KingsCast Hockey Podcast said...

No, you're basically fucked! :-)

Kirsten said...

That's hilarious! As for repair suggestions, what Teebz said sounds pretty good.

Lucky dude, Hrudey and Robataille.

KMS2 said...

Maybe we'll call some stores that make jerseys...thanks, teebz.