Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec 19th: Notes about the Game

It's good to know I can still laugh about our level of suckiness.

4:30 pm: I'm still at work but I have the boxscore open.

4:38 pm: Text from ckim: "Omg. We're gonna lose."

4:39 pm: Text to ckim: "Hahahaha!! I know! This is going to be painful."

4:43 pm: I check the boxscore and notice that Cammy already took a penalty 22 seconds into the game. Only one thought comes to mind...

4:44 pm: Text from ckim: "Fuck. Hank just scored. Umm it's the first minute of the game."

4:48 pm: Oh good, we at least have 2 shots on goal.

4:52 pm: Are you serious? Another penalty?

4:54 pm: Aaahhhhhhh!!! This is embarrassing...

4:55 pm: Heeeeeey, 3 shots on goal! Now we have the same amount of shots on goal as Zetterberg!

5:00 pm: The little guys in my head are chanting, "Fi-re Craw-ford. Clap. Clap. Clap-clap-clap. (repeat)" Work is finally over and I'm heading to the gym where I can burn off my rage while watching my team continue to collapse.

7:52pm: Just got back from the gym where I watched most of the second and half of the third period. I actually started watching the game just as Detroit scored their third goal. I was stunned that the Kings had actually scored 2 goals to temporarily tie the game. I was eagerly anticipating a strong second period but that sentiment quickly disappeared as I watched my Kings absolutely struggle against the Red Wings.

The rest of the second period wasn't even close. I think I witnessed one shot on goal. At some point in the period Bob Miller mentioned that the Kings only had 10 shots on goal, which he thought was surprising since he thought they had plenty more than that. To which I thought, "Are you serious? Those phantom shots must have happened at the end of the first period because I'm actually surprised we have any shots on goal."

The Kings were undisciplined and took way too many penalties. But then again, that's what happens when you're flat-footed and the opposition skates right by you as they enter the zone. The Kings looked like they were chasing the Red Wings, hoping that the game would just end. Barbs let in 6 goals but he did face 35 shots and received very little help...again.

The third period began and immediately Detroit scored on the power play. However, the Kings did bounce back a bit and had some decent chances, but at no point did they really take control. And I bet that the only reason they had those opportunities was because Detroit was already up by three goals and could just rest on the offense and clamp down on defense. Naturally, Lubo scored an own goal to finish off the scoring. I love that guy, he should have been on the All-Star last year, but he doesn't deserve it this year. I bet Cammy's thinking, "And you gave him how much money?!?...suckers..." No, no, Lubo will bounce back. He's too adorable not to pick it up. And we all know production is based on the "awwww" factor.

This game was painful. But...Crow must have read my pregame post because he sat John Zeiler!


CKim said...

Wow, this was utter embarrassment. If they don't clean their act up for the rest of this road trip, SOMETHING has to happen when they get back on Sunday.

I'm going to the gym too. Bleh.

Kirsten said...

I hate the Red Wings. And Crawford.

KMS2 said...

ckim: that truly was embarrassing. And it was live on Yahoo! so everyone could enjoy it ;)

kirsten: I hate that they're so good. And I hate Crawford!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr!!!

Kirsten said...

I KNOW! They should not be allowed to be this good. We play them on Saturday.